This mod adds units from the fiefs of Gondor to Rise of Mordor Mod. All rights go to the Rise of Mordor Team and Mod.

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Hello! This is my first mod for Attila Every, so feedback is welcome. This mod adds the major fiefs of Gondor to Rise of Mordor under their own faction. I would like to give a shoutout to: TheQuez Case On Discord for helping me on the journey that was making this mod.

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This Mod Adds Rosters For:

Pinnath Gelin (Green Unit Cards)

  • Pinnath Gelin Knights (Spear, Sword, Cav)
  • Pinnath Gelin Foot Soldiers (Spear, Sword)
  • Pinnath Gelin Green Hill Farmers (Levies) (Spear, Sword)
  • Pinnath Gelin Archers
  • Hirluin the Fair (General)

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Lamedon (Blue Unit Cards)

  • Lameon Knights (Spear, Sword, Cav)
  • Lamedon Men at Arms (Spear, Sword)
  • Lamedon Levies (Spear, Sword)
  • Lamedon Archers
  • Lamedon Clansmen (Axe)
  • Angbor the Fearless (General)

20190828014033 1

Lossarnach (Black Unit Cards)

  • Two Handed Axemen (Heavy, Medium)
  • Axe and Shield (Heavy, Medium, Light)
  • Forlong the Old (General)

20190828014114 1

Ringló Vale (Brown Unit Cards)

  • Ringlo Vale Knights (Spear, Sword, Cav)
  • Ringlo Vale Men at Arms (Spear, Sword)
  • Ringlo Vale Archers
  • Ringlo Vale Levies (Spear, Sword)

20190828014126 1

Blackroot Vale (Grey Unit Cards)

  • Blackroot Vale Marksmen (Archer)
  • Blackroot Vale Foot Soldiers (Spear, Sword)
  • Blackroot Vale Levies (Spear, Sword)
  • Duinhir (General)

Download the mod here:

Fiefs of Gondor


Pretty cool mod, dude :) thinking on making more?

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Zap1619 Author

I'm always up to add more! I don't have major ideas right now, but I will probably think of some, or someone might pitch an idea I like.

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you can do mod packs, like this one. What i mean his, add more diversity to rosters, for Gondor besides all you have already done maybe adding Dol-Amroth and some special units from Ithilien and Osgiliath (maybe the last one isn't that great, but Dol-Amroth for sure).
You could do the same you did here with other nations.
Arnor is the second best for you to do, you have units of Rhudaur, Cardolan and Arthedain and you could make some units that are the same towards all of Arnor (for when Arnor was united for e.g)
Dwarves: you have a lot of material to work on, even creating on your own image the dwarves of the East.
Orc nations: making diferent types of orcs from Mordor, Misty Mountains, Gundabad, Dol Guldur, different tribes, different variations, then the mighty Uruk-hai of Isengard, stronger than any other orc or black uruk.
Rohan: The royal guard and Meduseld Guard, then you have from a lot of different regions (of course there is the generic rohirrim)

maybe making a mod in the past eras, who knows?
Continue the good work ;)

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Zap1619 Author

Thanks! I’ll see what I can do.

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looking good, there´s never enough submods!

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Zap1619 Author


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