This is a Custom Story made for a special game that i think is the best ever! You will see and hear things that are going to scare the hell out of you! The game doesnt feel like the amnesia game at all, it's something really different! Try it out and let me know what you think of it!

Z0D14CS0L says

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Althogh extremely short, this custom story is pure psychological horror. From the beggining, the atmosphere is amazing and the music is awesome.
The events are really scary, not jumscares, just well crafted instant scares.

The resources are used in an amazing way. The girl is a good choice to use. The tension of the mod is marvelous.

Now, the bad things. Again, extremely short. The story, its a little confuse and hazy, where the man in the room go?
Who's the girl? What is that glowing eye creture?

I think that, if this mod had a better story telling, then this will be surely, one of the best custom stories out there.

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It took inspiration from the game of the same name, (it uses some of the sounds of the girl and music from it) its quite well created, with some well placed scares and alot of the ambience and subtle scares. Its the level design is pretty good although I would have preffered less running around trying to find one or the other item (took me longer than I would have liked). Its alot scarier than most Amnesia mods out there (maybe its the ghost). I commend the author for trying to be more unique and…

Mar 5 2013 by TheUnbeholden