Crysis 1 Mod - adapting Crysis to FarCry 1 with alterations. Not a remake. This is a One level game. No new assets, weapons or gameplay features. PC version.

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328 days to go - the AI learns to walk the walk. Progress update on the number one tropical island shooter project - FarCry reloaded. Real Maximum Singleplayer in the making.

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31 Days later

teaser42 - Mod DB

Mainly worked on the game area and AI navigation. You can see some of the locations that got AINavModifiers in the screens. The AI can get around nicely already. The 3 suspension bridges near the waterfall have settled in and the AI can hunt / follow the player across them. They still fall down when patrolling so that needs to be fixed if possible.I decided to make the complete River area shallow - AI cannot drown and cross / follow the river as it sees fit. Looking forward to decorating that.

navi feb screen

areas - Mod DB

navi2 screen


There are 135 AI patrolling in 24 groups so far. And they do this no matter where the player is. There is a camera list in one of the screens where you can see all the cameras I setup to be able to view any patrol at any time and HUDdebug messages show that the patrols are working in game.

patrols - Mod DB

So we have Boats, LTV's and Helis patrolling the area. The patrol helis are simplest - they got a free roam AI nav area (you can see that along with the shark basin and the red 'forbidden' AI area that restricts all non flying AI.We have 3 Boats patrolling and 3 LTV so far. 2 Helis around the 2 islands and 2 other Helis ferrying troops to some point and then flying to another point to pick them up again when they arrive. This patrol type and the boat patrols (when they drop grunts off and recollect them later) has problems executing when the player is not looking. I found a way to fix that and this basic patrol net is now executing relatively stable.


On the side I started with Decals and Rocks on the beaches and some basic vegetation. I still adjust terrain and the texture painting will be very basic for some time. I imported the sound areas from the island level in Crysis and adapted some of them, deleted others. Basic ocean sound, beach and jungle near beach is working for some areas - just have to expand that along the way. These things are no biggie. The real work as I now found out is making the patrols look great in game. Formation and pathfinding, getting in and out of transports - this all has to be really carefully setup in templates before I can expand the routines and pull everything together in the automated AI grid I envision. I have a naming scheme in place so it might work out ...


In February I will continue on the AI navigation / patrol complex and do some level decorating on the side.I have not started with either the zombie tunnel or lab zero and there is another long tunnel that is just so empty and boring - have to put things in there and make it a mini journey in some way. Headquarters and Shantytown will get some work this month and the river section will see some decorating too.

Mercenary skinning and Krieger branding (getting the korean army out of the game) will start in April I think. Lab Zero might start even later. I have started on the bunker voxel at the first island but that is basically a ruin, just a reminder landmark for the first FarCry game.There is going to be a limit for objects at some point - we have 23.000 approx and that is quite a bit. Everything is supposed to move / blow up etc. if possible. So no crates that are like rocks, etc. if they have a physicalized counterpart - switching them out (Outpost and Treehouse have a lot since these locations are former Multiplayer maps) is also being done along the way.Progress is ok and in 5 months I should have learned enough to get so much more done in the last 6 months.

thank you for watching reloaded.


Nice project... checked out some content today - very interesting - will keep an eye on it.
Got also a lot of fun with the sandbox2( and of course not so much fun when it gets to real work with the functions etc...) back when i build beach tales around 2013/2014 - 3 remapped crysis 1 maps - im sure you`ve played it? Updated it last spring. Hope you enjoy the work and keep it up.


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