Crysis 1 Mod - adapting Crysis to FarCry 1 with alterations. Not a remake. This is a One level game. No new assets, weapons or gameplay features. PC version.

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Research is done - in 2020 FarCry reloaded gets built. Here is the initial update and status report to kickstart this journey. Join me on the quest to create the singleplayer mod of the century in the tropical island category.

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This update post marks the actual beginning of the making of FarCry reloaded. The last year turned out to be for research and refining the content of this singleplayer masterpiece level although I had planned to 'just' build it and have a demo level last April ...

update banner 2020 january

FarCry reloaded is a singleplayer level (or game if you like) that uses FarCry Heightmaps and Crysis locations and assets to make a real maximum game level.

I am going to build this custom level over the next 12 months. Every month a flythrough and update on where the project stands.

I have the final heightmap which is from Training, Fort and Pier of the first FarCry game. Adapted for reloaded.
The Cavern, Krieger Harbor, Outpost and Treehouse locations are placed. Cavern and Harbor are taken straight from the Crysis levels and have AI nav points, Vis areas, portals and lights working. Outpost and Treehouse are originally MP maps and I am switching their objects (crates and so on) to their physics counterparts (break, can be picked up etc). All AI, weapon pickups, area triggers and mission stuff relevant to the Crysis game have been removed of course.
I have the basic texturing, the vegetation groups (started some of the hill tree painting), placed most of the roads and paths, we have 4 working suspension bridges, a couple of huts with interiors from Crysis, some unfinished waterfalls and so on. You can see in the 2 videos that its a good beginning.

Reloaded is going to work with locations but not scripted action bubbles telling an evolving story.
The game starts with an intro cutscene (the only cutscene). Player basically falls from the sky and has to make her way from there.

Frame000185 overlay contact

The 'contact' phase is from the landing point in the water past the WW2 bunker island, the ruins of the first FarCry huts and the old first Merc Camp to the merc mobile units on piers near the carrier wreck which marks the beginning of the next phase 'context' where the plot thickens and information is found etc.
This phase leads across the pirate bay, past treehouse and up the hill to outpost.

Frame000526 overlay context

From leaving Outpost there is no clear path the player will take.
There are locations to explore ('conflict' phase) and find the information about what took place here when Kriegers Trigens escaped and a few survivors managed to 'lock' them up inside the main lab (bridge blown up) and cavern exit guarded by automated weapons.
So the endgame ('climax') would be inside that lab.

Frame000809 overlay conflict

The crysis AI can pretty much be placed and will give a decent fight out of the box. Reloaded is not going to have any scripted AI area trigger encounters. Wether that is actually doable remains to be seen. I am going to setup a number of patrols in the game area, link them up and see if I can build a 'stable' network of routines that vary with random time delays and alternating routes to max out the replay value.

The Automated Weapon component is a nice addon. I don't think the Trigens should be roaming the island or areas of it. I think they make the best impact as the vicious dangerous mutant trapped in the labs sprawling network of tunnels.
I think that choosing Aliens for the crysis game was a mistake, especially aliens that fly. I like the design but in the game they are too ... 'alien' to connect to and because of flight capability totally removed from the level 'world'. There is no reason or plan to them either. The trigen is (imo) a much better adversary. Real scary, Real fast and part of the world the player is in. The result of evil research. The trigens in FarCry were just too much though - the variety ... the use of weapons ... the 'rebellion' of them and the genetic Krieger Father connection.

So, in reloaded the back story is that Krieger was doing research on the eternal Pentagon quest for the next generation Soldier idiot. He grows the first Nano Skins on human bodies calling them Trigen for the 3 abilities - Armor, Strength and Speed. The Specimen mutate and cause a massacre in the facility. The retreating survivors manage to seal the place off and CIA funded mercenaries guard the island zone while the research is moved stateside and continues. The product is a nano suit that has the original 3 features plus one more - 'cloak'. Unlike the Trigens biological mutation the nano suit powers have a deplete and recharge cycle.

So, reloaded has the main theme of evil scientist creation threatens humanity which ends in the fight between the nano suit and its biological ancestor the Trigen.

The game starts with the player on a plane together with raptor team. They get napalmed out of the sky over the Islands and Player is the only survivor. Detail is going to be added of why they are there on that flight, mission etc.

You can see in the CONTACT slide that this is kind of like the FarCry start from the training level. I think that its going to be all ruins on that side of the first island. There is time enough to talk about the details as I work on them so just check out the images for the main locations and their placement on the map.

I am just one dude working on this but as you can see from the locations I am just assembling Crysis 1 parts and assets. The main lab has to be built from the ground up but I will use a mix of the Alien Core level architecture and regular buildings so I don't have to build anything complex etc.
The Trigen is supposed to look like the Crippen mutants in the movie 'I am Legend' and I have now hopes I can take a nano suit character, make him an albino and change the skin somewhat, plonk a different head on it and mabye that will work. Like the walking drone fighters I have mentioned last year this may fail because of my lack of skill in the character dev department.
If it does fail we will still get a kickass triple A level with some dead trigens lying around the lab plus the automated turrets from the mp maps that came with Crysis.

I will post screenshots every now and then plus a monthly report listing what got done in that month.

I hope the fly overs help to fire your enthusiasm for this epic project. Keep an eye on this mod, comment and ask all you want.

Thank you


nice video, thanks for posting :)
did you plan to change the assets (like korean military containers ) or did you keep them by changing the decal logos ?

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roadiereloaded Author

Hey there :)
I am going to change only the decals, yes. The NK and US signage will be taken out and switched for Krieger and maybe Blackwater decals. I am going to use US faces and headgear like night vision goggles to have only a couple of asians since its mercenaries from all over the world. I have a feeling simply bringing in the Krieger decals will change the feel of the whole game even though its all crysis assets.

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Hell of an undertaking, best of luck dude!

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roadiereloaded Author

thank you - with the monthly updates we can all, (including me) see soon enough if it is going to work out. I have some 2 hours a day usually and sometimes 4 to work on it but 80 percent (time wise) is really just placing things carefully so there is confidence (which is the feeling I usually have before I understand the situation).

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Great work!

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