Crysis 1 Mod - adapting Crysis to FarCry 1 with alterations. Not a remake. This is a One level game. No new assets, weapons or gameplay features. PC version.

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about the reloaded project on moddb and a basic roadmap

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I have put my project on moddb so people can find it and maybe consider helping if they like it. Some background for this project which will take at least a year to get done:

Some years ago I started a thread on documenting my work on creating a custom level with the sandbox 2 editor from Crysis. I took the height map of the 'training level' from FarCry and imported it into cryengine 2.

Here is my first post from 2009 to the crymod forums:


I lost the work from back then and crytek deleted crymod some years later so when I took the project up again I had a clean slate.

The first thing I did was start a new thread for reloaded on the new cryengine forums, they are mostly image collages with text on them. You can read them here: reloaded thread on cryengine forums

Now that I have put the project on moddb I will continue the "level building log" here, if you wonder how I got to this 'expanded' version of reloaded, its all in there and I will post the progress there in detail:

There is the reloaded site which has a splash page and a wiki . The wiki will be read only - it is going to serve as a database resource thing for my re-write of the original cryengine 2 documentation. Then there is reloaded twitter and a profile on vimeo . There is a mention of this project on and I post to the crysis subreddit now and then.

Right now I am working on the demo level that links the 2 stories. I have heard this is a huge project for one person but here is why I think this can be done:

reloaded is not going to recreate FarCry like the project FarCry I don't have to build all the assets from FarCry for CE2. 90 percent of what I need for these 11 levels is already there in the Crysis game and the SDK. Sure, I have to build the Trigen (huge task for me) and the walker fighting drones. Also the beach buggy and hang glider but apart from the Jack Carver hands for the first 5 levels... thats about it. The main thing is the level design - consider that the 11 levels use 5 height maps that have been merged from FarCry and Crysis height maps - so there are only 5 levels to be made (big ones) and then they are altered, 'dragged through time' and the player revisits them in part 2. Just to clarify - this is not a FarCry remake in the classic way - we will have the Crysis huts instead of the pretty banana leaf thatched huts. And the weapons are from Crysis - no knife etc. Project FarCry is doing an awesome remake of FarCry in cryengine 2. reloaded is different.

The demo (training) level gameplay video should be ready by April 2019. I expect full consideration from the 24 gamers who still play Crysis.

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