Crysis 1 Mod - adapting Crysis to FarCry 1 with alterations. Not a remake. This is a One level game. No new assets, weapons or gameplay features. PC version.

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Aug 29 2018 Anchor

reloaded steps dcc retro

So I have assembled this ancient rig to work on the reloaded project. AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ 2.69 GHz, 4GB RAM, Win7 Professional 64bit and a ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 card. I have a German and an English Crysis DVD and installed the sandbox editor 64 bit version: 1.15767.

I have 3ds Max 2008 64 bit, a Photoshop for the CryTiff plugin, the MOD SDK for Crysis 1.2 and some other programs from that era. Back in 2009 I worked with the Sandbox Editor from the Crysis Wars DVD which has a change in the Material Editor UI amongst other things. But for reloaded, what was good enough to develop Crysis 1 will do nicely. I do have the single player demo installed and warhead for research, and of course the original FarCry 1 with the 64bit patch. Then I have Fraps for recording and Visual Studio 2008 for the C++ bits.

All the video and photoshop work to document and advertise the project I do on a Mac. The windows machine is not even connected to the internet - dedicated to just working on the reloaded project.

So now, 11 years after Crysis came out, it seems that there are not many working with the cryengine 2 and these old programs, which turns out to be a problem because it is not easy to find documentation on these. I have downloaded all of that had and still sorting through it, along with, and other sites from that time including the old which had the cryengine 2 manual. CE3 is still on Cryteks site somewhat but its all CE5 of course these days. I am hoping to gather a ton of good tutorials and how-tos and integrate them into the CE2 manual I am working on for a complete and useful resource so that apprentices of the level designer guild can study them in hundreds of years to come.

So who is out there still dabbling with the cryengine 2? come and join this forum for some exchange and solidarity :)

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