Five Elite Mercenaries are send to an Island in middle of the 1980'. The Task: Find and Eliminate a local Drug Baron. Features: new Physic, real Sunmovement, Day/Night Change, Hunger/Food system, realistic (!) Weather system, Light/Dark viewing system for AI, 5 different Fractions on the Island. Complete Realistic simulation of nearly all things, including Sleep. New weapons, new Vehicles. Vehicles driving system is now exact (!) like GTA IV , FireSystem,... this mod is Heavily inspired by GTA, IGI, FarCry.

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cleartest devkid released for intern testers and users operation-clearing-vs-farcry-complete-changelist changelog with nearly ALL included additions in the tutorial section posted. click me here to read mor what is new in operation clearing added to vanilla far cry ^^

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pvcfmod operation clearing

changelist vs FarCry,
coded in 11 months by PVCF. (me...)
thans for teaching me lua scripting to Shining. Thanks for additinally coding helps:

--added playershadow
--added weaponslots 5-8
--added now all weapons can be dropped (no forced to hold one)
--added no automatic breath regeneration to full state if a seq is played
--better backlight handling for vehicles (still not finished)
--added many (14) new console commands


--added fireengine
--added waterstep particle
--added movieplay detection for itemgrab animation, can store and reset things (in OnTimer)
--added globalstepcount
--added globaldrivendistance
--added globaldeathcounter
--added _localplayermoney
--added globalfitnessstrenght
--added globaldrivingskill
--added under water painsounds (no normal scream during diving anymore ;) )
--swimming/diving performance depends on loaded mass
--added own waterstepsound routine
--added diving waterdrops
--waterface entity is now not needed anymore for waterdrop effects after diving (and its not needed for diving too)
--mixers-deus ex like dialogue system imported

added painsounds under water

--added subojectives /usage: Hud:PushSubObjective({},"submissiontext");
--added tab key press and release detection
--added store and restore hud status during tab detection
--added friend detection on crosshair, will play animation on friends and talk to player "please dont shoot me" (done in basicAI.lua)
--can show a big text and image of mission or submission is added
--added a door detection routine: doors now can be opened if you face it and if you are in a defined range, (in original the door opencode was working for 300ms ^^ and a door
-- could be openend even if you stand with the back to it , now you have to FACE the door ^^

--changed positions of all buttons, all menus are now much bigger
--add new specific buttons for operation clearing

--added shocker detection for ressurection in basicAI for AI if it was killed with shocker by player
--added physically weapondrop
--added jerrycan throw force depeding on jerrycan fuel
--player can now drop all weapons
--weapons now can be destroyed, each pickap can show his own particle explosion after destroying (done in basepickup!)

-- Description : a Text and/or Image inputTrigger that writes a text with box a specified time on the screen or draws an image
-- added its now possible to add players confirmation (incoming walki talki call, press key to respond)
-- added the information of incoming call can be delayed after the input trigger
-- added can play call in sound
-- added can show walki talki animation on hud
-- is now load / save proof
--added the possibility that theplayer have to grab his own walki talki to answere a call, currently the animaiton is invisible :( BUUG

--is started automaticly at levelstart
--can randomly start 9 different weather triggers
--can start daynight trigger after a time in seconds at first levelstart
--can stop a daynight trigger after a time in seconds after daynight triggerstart
--added the option "press use key to start game" picture at start/reset of the game
--added nStartWeaponslotAmount
--added nStartDollarAmount
--added nPercentHealth
--added nPercentWellFed --need correct given clearingdaynight trigger name
--added globaldaytime for start, needed for bugtesting the fog.lua which now reacts on day night change

--added--new mass-slow down system-
--item grabb animations
--unhide and sender routines
--included physic mod by James Ryan
--removed annoying physic rock sound by sliding phys objects
--pickup name is shown
--picked up ammo is shown and counted
--now weapon/ammo which player already have cannot picked up anymore (bugfixed)
--added fireengine by silenosz (used for molotov cocktails, its not clearing fireengine which is used by jerrycans
--added _localplayermoney , its AmmoDollar
--buy system check @478
--instead of ammo smg show ammo for Mp5 for instance
--money is shown on hud, buy system is working , load/save should
--pickup collider message is shown to short --FIXED
--pickup collider is only for 0.3 seconds active :( --FIXED
--pickupphysics is now switched off if player is in collider area, no more player blocking or strang stockering (except jerrycan)
--pickups & weapons now can be destroyed, each pickap can show his own particle explosion after destroying
--pickups who get not enough damage to be destroyed but get a force by bullts and are have very low mass, use a lower inertia to prevent them to blow away hundred of meters
--itemgrabb animation now asks also for player prone or crouch position or diving/swimming
--physics of items can be switched off for damage and spawn, but will have OnCollide physics (needed for "treasure" items, (now nobody can those items shoot from tricky positions to
-- easier collecting, player is forced to touch them personally
--breathbar is resetted after pick up something --FIXED
--pickups can also need a living salesman
--respawn of grabbed and buyed weaoon is now working again
--remove "hand" weapon if no weapon is in slot and a new one is picked up
--removed the "you have picked up xxx and you have now xxx type ect " message, use opcl_messagelevel == "2" to switch it on.
--changeable maxweaponslots , USAGE: opcl_maxweaponslots = "5"; --0-8
--added scriptcommand can send after pickup
--added that pickup can change max weaponslots (useful for backpacks or belts with pockets)
--added can show big message after pickup
--added (generic)pickup now can be attached to player


--molotov cocktail is still shown as press use key to pickup up smokegrenade
--meat shows in message taken healthpack
--molotov cocktail shows in message taken smoke grenade

--added fireengine
--added food
--add tacho
--added flashlight
--added mass detection routine
--added money drawer
--added RPG fitness speedscale system
--added stance position icon on HUD
--shows a bar right beside the stance icon, it's the max speed percentage of player; depends on loaded mass and health
--added globaldrivendistance (added in each vehicle script)
--added new missionbox (tab)
--added HUDINTERFACE, 0=gta 1=stealth
--added-mixers -deus ex like dialogue system------------------------ imported
--added enemy territory HUD for Tnlgg's ET
--added --weapon is not drawn in a vehicle with activated tacho in ET
--added waterswimming ability depend on kg (in player or basicplayer)

--3970 drive and swimm stance icons

--added fall sound with random routines (asked in vehicle collider)

--removes textimagetrigger which show the name of the vehicle if localplayer have used it
--added splash sound by entering and leaving water
--added real front, back and interiour lights (depending on daytime)
--repaired compression/suspense soundroutine (triggervalue is here setted for all vehicles)
--added vehicle repair routine with wrench
--added refuel routine with jerrycan
--added water particles and ripples if vehicle drives in water
--added 7 random crash sounds depending on vehicle speed
--if raining waterdrips on vehicle are audible depending on raining strongness
--only wheel 3 and 4 now emit particles (stone and dust) to save cpu time
--green ghost speedometer needle after loading a savedgame fixed (dont appear anymore)
--now the vehicle crash knows what it is crashing (brush or moving entity) and have different sound routines for
-- (simply entity needs a fall sound in this case)

-- reacts on day/night change --asks for status of globaldaytime from ClearingdaynightTrigger
--globaldaytime --0=night 1=evening 2=midday
-- new disable function which interacts better with clearing day night switch during ClearingRain == Heavy
-- can react on active / dead breakableobject Entity (for instance powersuply)
--can be destroyable / shootable by switch (spawns ClearingBreakableBox.lua)
--editor now can switch a destroeyd light ON again after restart byself
--fixed: second fake light: after loading its doubbled and cannot removed. remove this in OnSave(stm) gives a loading crash^^
--fix: second fake light: is not restored after breaking and repairing a powersupplay
--after reapairing a powersupplay it maight not be destroyable with shooting, needs to be tested
--if self is sun and its savegame with deactivated sun, after load game the shader are switched off

fwdvehiclescript.lua (and all other vehicles)
--added: can show own name
--added: can switch weapon or not weapon
--changed camsystem to gta style (-- playermodel during driving)
--disabled playerweapon during drive
--unstable positions of backlights

-- reacts on day/night change --asks for status of globaldaytime from ClearingdaynightTrigger

--(enabled all sender)

--disabled because it kills vegetation movement and causes heavy CPU load. use clearingrain.lua instead !

--added can change amount of playerslots ( 0- 8)
--added new attach options
--added (generic)pickup now can be attached to player

--added lifetime

--added lifetime for burning pieces (flames in wrecked vehicle and black smokes from tires)

--added hide unhide senders

-- Description : placeable frogmine (use mine tool)
--added inital delay timer
--can do damage to player and to vehicle
--can be attached to mercs, vehicles, boats and paraglider
--can be passed by player by proning (if allowed in properties)
--can have dynamic models/sounds for attaching to different entities

--added arm animation for opening door --closed door
--recoded behaviour, now its all the time possible to open the door, not only if the message appears
--now all time you face the door with a predefined distance you can open the door (that was hard....)
-- added armOPENanimation only if _localplayer enters the door
--door.lua will only work correct in cleartest devkid (and all mods which are done with that)
--look in Hud.lua OnUpdate for additional important door code!

--added ressurection for AI if it was killed with shocker by player
--added burn event for AI
--added improvet droppack behaviour (physics)
--droppack of sleeping ai needs to be removed after ressurection

--debugged load saved game behavior on black and red team matrix

--debugged load saved game behavior on black and red team matrix

--added loadable sounds
--can blend in climbing picture
--can switch in third person view during climbing
--AI can use ladder if ladder is not locked to player only (deactivated because i cannot remove text on screen for player if AI enter)
--added hide sender
--shining --operation clearing --added a "press use key" routine, need mod in hudcommon.lua

-- added show names of savingpoints instead of cryptic save time stamps


--repaired by pvcf to survive load save operations
--can now work as countdown
--can play sounds if its working as countdown
--all events now are sender events
--work only inside operation clearing or cleartest devkid based mod

--added: repaired, now it can in operation clearing every car use his own speedometer with patchlevel 1.4
--added: exp speedometer load/ save should now work,
--entity now work after loaded a saved game
--added: disables radar and show tacho,

--added: repaired, now in operation clearing every car use his own speedometer with patchlevel 1.4
--added: save should now work,
--entity now work after loaded a saved game
--pvcf removed hudlabel

--added: repaired, now in operation clearing every car use his own speedometer with patchlevel 1.4
--added: save should now work,
--entity now work after loaded a saved game

--pvcfmod --added BroadcastEvents for mulit slidegate management (multiple slidegates dont work independent, so no sucess,
--better use automaticdoor.lua for this function, it wokrs flawless 8)


--new collecting entities


--new functions

ClearingStoryDayNight.lua -----------------> not supported yet, please dont use
ClearingAISightProximityTrigger.lua --> working but not fully tested (interaction with rain/evening/night/camouflage sight reducing may not work ^^)
ClearingAISightLampTrigger.lua --> working but not fully tested (interaction with rain/evening/night/camouflage sight reducing may not work ^^)
ClearingProximitySoundTrigger.lua -->very complex usage, was designed to generate rainsounds and rain particle effencts on entites/plants better dont use this, beta

ClearingSaveSpot.lua -->can give your savespots own names and can save mulitple times the same savespot on demand, recognize cheaters
--> needed to place one times (!) in a map if you need the radiostations in your vehicles
--> important for setting up a level, place this one times (!) in a map

--set up your system in game with
--------useless and not fully working, nearly all things are now done by new additional physic code in realtime

ClearingSoundSpot.lua ----------its working but useles, its for testing purposes, (supposed for switching between different day/night sounds dont work full)

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