Five Elite Mercenaries are send to an Island in middle of the 1980'. The Task: Find and Eliminate a local Drug Baron. Features: new Physic, real Sunmovement, Day/Night Change, Hunger/Food system, realistic (!) Weather system, Light/Dark viewing system for AI, 5 different Fractions on the Island. Complete Realistic simulation of nearly all things, including Sleep. New weapons, new Vehicles. Vehicles driving system is now exact (!) like GTA IV , FireSystem,... this mod is Heavily inspired by GTA, IGI, FarCry.

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some technicalle informations, why this mod is some complete different from each other mods.

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-18 Missions
-21 free Missions
-secret Places on every Map
-diffrent Achievements (collect items, Kill Counter, Solve the Game without a single Kill)
-Day/Night cycle
-real moving sun
-moving clouds
-real light and AI view system depending on light
-real weathersystem
-real hunger / food system
-real item physic
-real inventory system, inventory mass reduced player speed
-every infiltrationtask have different ways to play, sniper, action, smart
-thre diffreent jetski racings -GTA like
-quadracing -GTA like
-small RPG system with player attributes (like GTA San Andreas)
-player need different Clothes at some Points to solve missions
-some different clans interacts on the island. with the player or without (!)
-working shocker weapon (its now non deadly )
-real vehicle physic, fuel, distancemeter,
-all lights on map are depending at a powerstation and on day/night cycle,
-all lights are destroyable
-player is better seen by AI if he stands under a lightspot at the night
-AI View is reduced during bad weather / heavy rain
-players health is affected in Cold, High snowish Mountains if he does not wear obverse clothes
-driving skill system
-crates and some walls, trees, containers are climbable
-AI now communicate together with debugged voicacting routines
-much new weapons included, newest one: Chainsaw 8)
and really much more, all (!) aspects of the game are partially or totally recodet and redesigned.

the whole world is alive, and not static. its currently very funny to play some original FarCry maps or old mod's. they look like death, still standing Pictures where you can walk through.
you must earn or buy food, you must heal yourself, you can make fire, you must fuel your Vehicle with gas which is in a jerrycan which you mast have in your inventory (which needs a precious slot ...)


Wow...sounds awesome...but i think the chainsaw doesn't go with the features-list. I sounds like a survival-stealth-shooter with rpg-elements. Why should anyone use a chainsaw? It's loud, it has low coverage/reach (dunno which word's the right here^^)...

Well...a chainsaw is a chainsaw is a chainsaw is a chainsaw...and no one is forced to use it, if he doesn't want to, right? :>

EDIT: Oh, i see you're from germany too. Hi dude.

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You need it for cutting trees for building your own house maybie. :-D

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Hah! That could be a reason for sure.

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pvcf Author

in the maingame you probably have problems to get it 8) you will have to do some extra free missions, you need also Fuel for it, and this is the same you need for all Vehicles. So using the Chainsaw as weapon is very difficulty :P BUT there is some very usefull needing for this thing, be surprised XD note: this is more or less a realistic version of FarCry, so its your problem what to use, when and HOW. for instance you can drop a full jerrycan and blow them up to get a big Fire which damage some things...

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What exactly means "some things", if i may ask?
Will there be a realistic physics-system implemented? Like the fire in FarCry and the destroyable trees and cabins in Crysis?
It sounds impossible...kinda. But maybe it's not what you meant.

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pvcf Author

hmm, let me explain it like this: this game is a real open world game. much (!) more than farcry, crysis or farcry2. so the task was (and is) to fill the world which intresting things, subquests / freemission, things you could do. the game does not lead and force you through a canyon from one tagpoint to the next. (you will see only 2 or 3 tagpoints in the whole game). that means: exploration and survive is the goal of this game. and if i would tell you all the intresting things and goodies, i probably would steal some of the fun to explore the game by yourself. for instance there will be also a flamethrower in the game and there is a very useful need for this *g*
btw.: i think its nearly impossible to kill a mercenary with the chainsaw. if you carry the chainsaw, your carrymass is very high, that means slow movement. chainsaw is a short range (melee) weapon, and its very loud and need some time to start the engine. it will be very hard to kill a armed force with that weapon.

> Will there be a realistic physics-system implemented?

not at all, the fire cannot burn down the whole land, bout for instance if you throw a molotov cocktail and run in to the flames, you are catching the fire, and begin to burn. by jumping and diving into the water you can extinguish the fire.
trees are not destroyable, most of other things are.
simply watch the videos carefully 8)

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Wow...sounds really cool. I will defninitely play your mod when it's released.

Final Question: Will the world be completely "open" or are there big areals where the player switches between? I already made some nice maps just for fun by myself and i think there's enough space to make really big maps, but if the map is full with stuff n NPC's i dunno if older hardware can handle such big maps. Sorry for possibly bad english...but i guess you understand what i mean. :>

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pvcf Author

i understand you very well, and i have had problems with the mapsize, please read here the whole story and diary:

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18 missions!?

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pvcf Author

i try to explain:
the Operation Clearing have 18 missions + 21 free missions, tiled on 5 maps. you can expect a playingtime from about 30 minutes per mission if you don't die. than i deliver the pripyat and devkid maps with OPCL , together with the big city map, where you also have additionally missions.
please dont think a mission is "go to that point!" :D
you can expect very very very long and intensive playing. and its OPEN WORLD, so you can replay every part and you have always (!) a different playing.
a one time playing without diyng from the whole OPCL package will need ~ 20 hours and more. realistic you will need very very longer, because you can't cheat in opcl and you have a timelimited quicksave. (quicksave is only usefull for interrupt the game and not for save a critical situation).

the 30 minutes per mission is my time, and i absolutely know all the things, placed enemies and know the architecture and triggers ^^

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