Fallout Who Vegas is a series of episodic modding releases bringing the world of Doctor Who, to the world of Fallout.

garrythemod says

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This is a very high content mod for every whovian out there. If you are looking for a doctor who game buy Fallout New Vegas and download this mod. You will not regret it. The time travelling blue box is now more expansive featuring 3 different themes for all of your tastes. Enemies from Darlek to Cybermen and maybe a little surprise (Don't Blink!). Random events that have you fighting Darlek and Cyber ships through evasive maneuvers using the console. Careful your ship can get boarded by the enemy! Also including explorable locations such as Skaro, The sisterhood home planet of Karn and a good old abandoned house. Over 24 collectibles a scattered around the Tardis for every scavenger to find.
This mod is not even finish yet and has provided me hours of entertainment! I highly recommend this mod.

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