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Taking a look at the next steps of the Mods development. The Doctrine System.

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The Doctrine Development

The next plan for development with the mod will focus on the Doctrine development of the Civ4 Civic System.

This will be a system where your chosen Doctrines become more powerful and focussed over time by gaining levels. Each Doctine will have 2 levels to grow into. Doctrines will also give access to unique units and buildings that will help to boost the power of your chosen Doctrine. However these buildings and units will cease to function or be constructable if you change to a new Doctrine.

We also hope to develop a 'Synergy System' in which certain combinations of doctrines will give additional benefits or negatives depending on how well they work together. We also hope to eventually include Faction Specific Content where your Doctrines will work differently depending on which Faction you are.

Hopefully over the coming weeks as I try to figure this stuff out I will be releasing an article looking at each doctrine in more depth, exploring what they are as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

There are five Doctrine Groups, each with five Doctrines.

the five doctrine groups

For the rest of this article we will take a quick look at the first Doctrine Group, then in the follow up articles we will look at each of the Leadership Doctrines in a bit more detail.

(Once I have figured out some of those details!)

Civics Leadership

The Five Leadership Doctrines:

Chosen One


A Faction under this Doctrine is ruled by a single entity, an individual of ultimate and unquestioned authority.

This will lead to a very powerful 'Seat of Power' but the further that power has to reach the less effective it becomes.

This leadership functions by projecting an image of overwhelming superiority, mystery or authority. Grand Palaces, Statues, Fanatically Loyal followers, a tightly controlled central bureaucracy, etc.

All trappings of the Chosen One's identity and proof of their unquestionable right to rule those beneath them.

Motto: 'One king to rule them all and in the radiation bind them!'

Fallout Examples:

The Master, The Enclave Presidents, Caesar, Mr House.




A Faction under this Doctrine is ruled by the toughest and strongest people. Arguments are settled through trials by combat, authority is gained by punching those above you in the face or generally giving them a beat down to prove that you are in fact better than them.

Authority is often maintained through fear and threat of violence or it could be respect of the superior warrior caste. This will lead to a dominance of very powerful combat units, raised in a world of combat and survival of the fittest.

This will however see those parts of society considered 'weaker' suffer greatly. More cerebral activities such as gaining wealth or scientific knowledge will suffer as the ruling class will generally look upon these as a waste of time. If you want something you simply take it by force.

Fighting pits, Combat Arenas, Forced Labour Camps are all common sites in a Faction dominated by Strength.

Motto: 'You Break It, You Rule It!'

Fallout Examples:

Various Raider Factions, Caesar's Legion.




A Faction under this doctrine is ruled by the wealthiest members of society. Power and Authority are maintained by a fat purse, not a strong arm. Pursuit of the almighty dollar is the paramount concern, even at the detriment of society as a whole.

Those with wealth use it to gain more wealth, other activities will suffer for the sake of profit margins. Delaying the release of a new weapon to the military or a cure to the masses until they can pay for it is a perfectly acceptable business practice in a Wealth society. Everything costs money and the bosses of a Wealth society know it, they will pinch a penny at every opportunity.

Society as a whole will become greedier and anyone and everyone will be looking to get paid. Altruism is a luxury no one is interested in affording, for anyone to get anything done you better be willing to pay for it.

This means that a Wealth Society will have a very healthy bank balance, but everything will also cost more money to implement. Meaning you will have to be willing to spend money to make... well just about anything really!

A lower productivity and expensive facilities are common in a Wealth society, but you can do or get just about anything you want, if you can pay for it.

Motto: 'If You Can't Pay, I Say No Way!'

Fallout Examples:

The Water Traders of the Hub, The Agriculture Baron's of The NCR, The New Vegas Strip.




A Faction under this Doctrine is ruled by a military hierarchy. The Miltary's needs are paramount. Life is focussed on the preparation and execution of the war machine.

In many ways it is similar to a Strength society with people who are not soldiers being subordinate to those that are. However it is a somewhat more cerebral environment compared to a Strength society.

Promotion is based on merit and performance across a wide range of tasks and skills, not simply the ability to punch harder than the guy above you. Orders are followed, this is how order is maintained.

Non-Military elements of society, like civilians, will generally suffer more under a Military Society, simply because they are just not as important and when a choice needs to be made the military will always win.

Military focussed facilities are common in a Military Society, the war machine is always the most important factor.

Motto: 'Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way.'

Fallout Examples:

Brotherhood of Steel, The Enclave




A Faction under this Doctrine is ruled by the voting majority (in theory). In a Democracy everyone has a voice.

In theory this leads to the greater well being of the populace as a whole as any dissatisfied group can band together to implement change. This leads to a happier and more productive but costly workforce as standards have to be maintained.

Oppression of dissenting parts of society is more difficult under a democracy because the leadership can always be held to account, but major dissension is also less likely because grievances can be aired and addressed openly before it becomes a matter of open insurrection.

A democracy can develop more 'evenly' than other forms of government, leading to improvement across the board without the domination of specific parts of society.

'Lifestyle Improvement' buildings such as schools and leisure centres along with state administration buildings are common in a Democracy as those in power seek to maintain their majority favour.

Motto: 'Every voice is equally insignificant!"

Fallout Examples:

Tandi's New California Republic

So that concludes our broadcast.

More details will be released in a more in depth look at these doctrines in the future, so stayed tuned. In the mean time come join the fun on our discussion forums.

Stay Rad free out there Wastelanders!

Fallout: Tame The Waste Forum

A5.51 Full Release

FTTW 5.51

5.52 Patch

Patch 5.52


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