This mod is a complete overhaul of FOT. Aimed at revising the single player camp. of FOT, to make the game more non-linear and to give the player more choice. This mod is a weapons bonanza, as all of the weapons (one version) from Fallout, and Fallout: 2 will be added. Not including all of the new firearms that the team has already added into the game. The original missions are being modded to allow the player a few different ways to finish the a mission. Every item/weapon/armor is being re-balanced to make each one distinct. Even the sounds are left unchanged as each weapon, will have a distinct set of sounds instead of them all using the same default sounds. The special encounters are being overhauled to make then more useful (particularly the ones without a point). Commodities will reflect in value i.e. a military ration pack will be worth a nice chunk of change. Atmosphere is the key and that is what this mod strives for.

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Latest Update: First look at the renders for the new character sprites, the refined weapon upgrade demo, and a music demo from Pistol Moustache.

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First up, the renders for the new character/armor sprites for the mod.
Leather Jacket (Male)Leather Jacket Upgrade (Male)WIP Leather Jacket (Female)WIP Combat Armor (Male)
First is the leather jacket (male) which offers a little more protection than your standard leather armor. Next is the upgraded (male) leather jacket which adds a gas mask and reinforced stitching to increase the levels of protection from both environmental hazards and from physical damage. The two remaining are still in the WIP stage first the leather jacket (female) and second is the combat armor (male).

Next is the refined weapons upgrade video

Currently I'm working all the bugs out of the downgrade process and I'll post another video when I manage to work them out.

I'd also like to introduce to new members to the mod team Prosper who is currently working on a mapping a special encounter and Mr. Morgan who is also a mapper.

Some of you may have heard this but Pistol Moustache has made a music demo for FOT:R

Last but not least the mod team is looking for anyone with either 3d modeling or animating experience to assist in the creation of the 3d models for new player sprites. PM me if your interested.


I'm keeping an eye on this!

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