Version 9.0 has been uploaded! It can be found at the Downloads page of this mod. It's still a WIP, so expect some issues.

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This mod is sweet because it turns very RPG Fallout (3 headshots to kill a human) into an hardcore "Action/RPG" game (easy to kill people), brings some IRL weapons and suits, changes lots of things in a good way.
V10 is way too hardcore - it's more hardcore than real life, and this feels stupid.

"You can't run with 2 pistols in inventory" even if I don't have anything else in inventory? Or I can carry some grenades, knife, pistol, a rifle but I can't carry 2 pistols and a rifle? Let's just go to V9...

V9 is much more realistic and playable (does not has stupid unrealistic limitations as V10 and you don't need to eat/drink that freaking much).
There are some options in player's house terminal in V9.

Fights are better - you combine stealth, tactics (choose better position), and frequent F9 key pressing until you get enough playing expirience.

Weapons are also nice, but as it feels to me, ACOG scoped weapons have bad zoom.

With all the changes this mod brings, the game feels a little like DayZ :)

It's not 10/10, but not 9/10 either, so, why don't put 10/10?

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Theres nothing better then waking up and getting out of your cold steel vault to a brand new fall out, this mod can barley be called a mod in my opinion this is more like a brand new game. The only thing from what I saw that was untouched was the scenery and back ground every thing else was ether replaced or done up to the point where you could not tell what it was before hand. This mod brings a whole brand new harsh and fun environment to Fallout 3. The one thing I really loved about this mod was…

Nov 26 2010 by EvilElmo23