Version 9.0 has been uploaded! It can be found at the Downloads page of this mod. It's still a WIP, so expect some issues.

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A quick post on several bits of news concerning Fallout 3 Reborn, including MOTY, reviews, V8 DLC mods/patches, V9, and more.

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Mod of The Year

If you enjoyed Fallout 3 Reborn (any version), please nominate this mod for MoTY. Every vote counts, and making it to even 100th place would be amazing. Thank you.


There is a review feature on the mod page, I'd ask that if you have a minute or so to spare, it'd be nice if you left a review about the mod. You can also agree/disagree with reviews. Review Page.

V8 DLC and Patches

You might be wondering where the mods for the DLC's are, and the 8.2 patch I've been planning on releasing. My computer died about a month ago, and I lost Fallout 3 (but thankfully not my mod files!), and I need to buy a new copy. It'll be at least a few more days before I can get my hands of a copy, and at least a week or two before I can release anything solid, hard to say though, without playing the mod.

I'm also working two jobs, and money is still tight. I get payed in two weeks, though, so if need be, I'll wait till then to get Fo3 (depending on the price). Hopefully I can find a copy under 20 bucks.

Version 9

There may, indeed, be a version 9 F3R. Personally, I dislike Fallout New Vegas, so I'll be coming back to Fallout 3. Version 9 will have stuff like a vehicles system, cover system, new weapons, a revised map (less items and chems, tougher environment), weather system, with corresponding needs system (frostbite/heat stroke), new quests (about 10 hours worth) and radio stations, and various other tweaks. Nothing is confirmed, and it's a long way away, but there is the possibility.


voted! You are my hero Slayer =)

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Slayer_2 Author

Hah, thanks man :)

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This doesn't mean that New Vegas: Reborn is dead though, right? Because when they release a few DLCs it will be much better. I've actually found evidence of DLCs already as I traveled the Wasteland. Areas around the borders of the map where it says there is a map marker for a tunnel, but when you get there the tunnel is blocked by a landslide. I honestly hope they make a DLC involving Area 51, since they are in Nevada and it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to believe that Area 51 would have been built to survive nuclear holocaust. Maybe there are even some people still alive there. Enclave stronghold anyone?

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Slayer_2 Author

It's not dead, per say, just slowed down a lot. I really can't play NV for more than a few minutes at a time, it's ok for testing, but doesn't help motivation. On the other hand, I just finished playing Fo3 for an hour straight, and only found two tiny little bugs with V8.2.

As for modding the NV DLC... I dunno, I likely won't be buying them...

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true, there is also the BoS bunker south of forlorn hope... and also the remnants bunker, and a few others besides.

as for FNV: reborn, V1 is already out with a update attached... we are planning at least a few more versions, it will be a while before we have any information for V2 though. in the mean time just chill with the knowledge that reborn goodness is coming your way.

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