Resurrection is a modification for Fallout 2. It has a completely new story and takes place in New Mexico, sometime between the events of Fallout 1 and 2. It's as if there had been a third classic Fallout game.

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This game gave me AIDS. I'm happy!

Seriously this is a really great work and is closest to original Fallout series from all the mods I tried. It has everything from the original, but is also unique in every aspect.
Best thing is, unlike many other mods, this mod doesn't overdo things. Other mods focus too much on humor, violence, uber-battles, boring and incomplete detalisation etc but this mod just got the balance on EVERY aspect. Just like in original Fallout series there is humor, cruelty, hardships, quests that have meaning and everything is very well balanced. There are moments of cruelty for example but it is not everywhere all the time so it's not depressing. Humor but not to the point of making the game a parody or a comedy show. I think the mod maker is really mature. Nowhere did I see the mod trying to appear too smart or great than it is as well. A very smooth experience.
Also I like the difficulty of this mod. It IS difficult, especially playing as a good natured character, but doable, and there are different ways to do things. Also never before in a Fallout game/mod have I had negative karma (and bad reputation in man places) playing as a good (more or less) character, but I did here! For example you want to save someone but they do not believe you and you end up being a liar in their eyes. Tell someone who's rude to f'off and the will make sure your reputation is f'cked.
The only thing I found lacking are small repair/science/doctor based quests, though perhaps this is because I am still at the first half of the game and technology is sparse there.


very good mod. Made me play again fallout 2 on my computer with an hd screen. No bugs. I play a good npc and I hired the three companions possibles (the dog, keri and lystra). The hd patch is very good. I have no eye problem that I can have with several recent game that I bought on steam. I use a gog fallout 2 version.


Awesome, real life characters (friends), includion of partymod, hiresmod, great story, great twists.
My God, even the amnesia cliche works well int this one!

I loved playing this mod so much I want Bethesda to make it canon. There's nothing I can criticise it for that the original games aren't also guilty of. The writing is superb and the pacing appropriate. The quests are fun and replayable. I had a whale of a time playing it.


What a great work. Thanks guys.

Great work. The Questdesign is terrific!


kraio says

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Best Fallout ever.


valcik says

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Fully fledged total conversion mod. Grab it, get your balls stomped really hard, try different characters, and finally praise it!
9/10, would play again

A true Post Nuclear Role Playing Game. You can see it was made with love and talent.

The world is about the size of Fallout 1. So not a lot of places to go but there's is enough to do in many of those locations. The story is a bit cliché at first (Good ol' amnesia) but quickly become interesting. Unfortunately i'm not that far into the game to evaluate the main quest.

The strongest point of Fallout 1.5 it's the quests. About 2 hours into the game and I forgot I was playing a fan made creation. The quests and the dialogues are well written and offer almost all the time multiples way to solves them. Characters feels real : you understand their motivations and can empathize with them. This is something you see rarely in a mod.

My only grief against this mod is the balance. If creatures are only a minor nuisance, it is not the case of most human you will encounter. And oh boy they are a pain ! I struggle to kill a bunch of raider even if I wear a combat armor, shoot them with my Ak and have two companions. They just eat my bullets like I just throw them marshmallows ! But they shred me into pieces. This come so often that I'm forced to stop my progression in a city to start another set of quest elsewhere. Very frustrating !

Apart from that it is a unique experience in the world of fallout and it warms my heart that I can play a new classic fallout game in 2016.


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Great game, So far I played a thief and stole alot of stimpacks and a rifle off a caravan I randomly encountered. If you side with someone and say "Yeah ill do that" to every quest, you close other paths just by saying yes even if you haven't completed it yet.

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