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In the turn of the 22nd century World Resources are running out, causing the world to divide and become a waste land, three superpowers form and start to fight over the last remaining resources in the world

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Nations in the PF (Games : C&C3: Tiberium Wars : Mods : Fall Of Nations : Forum : Pacific Federation : Nations in the PF) Locked
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GOLANX Writer, Idea Man
Dec 1 2011 Anchor

as the name suggestion what nations you think should be in the Pacific Federation?

i was thinking:

New Zeland
The Philippians
Taiwan (could be source of conflict between PF and AN, as if you have studied china mainland china desperately wants Taiwan under their control)
either South Korea or Japan (both are very industrialized, but if you have studied the region at all you probably know the Koreans and the Chinese hate the Japanese, so while in some respects South Korea fits better in the PF, their hatred of the Japanese might keep them away and they may well join the AN) either Japan or South Korea would probably be the research technology seat of the PF
Hawaii i think they can make themselves separate, and being in the middle of the pacific would be well interested in joining the PF
Papua New Guinea and Indonesia could also join the PF

also any ideas on where the capitol of the PF would be?

Dec 26 2011 Anchor

hmmmm I made a concept map, if you want to use that a bit/edit it

Blue = PF
Orange = EU
Green = AC

GOLANX Writer, Idea Man
Dec 26 2011 Anchor

hmm i think the middle east would be more contested.

and the idea is everyone jumps into america, AC jumps in cause they are pissed that they lost all that money in loans to the american government and want to recover it through imperialism. the PF wants the minds and thinkers, and i think they make a profit off of selling weapons hardware to the warlords of America. the EU jumps in cause they feel obligated in a way, Americans helped out the Nato nations, that and they think they can get good PR if they do peacekeeping, so EU basically goes in to keep the peace.

idk about Africa and South America they never usually have much of value.

also i cant see china and Korea being in an alliance with japan willingly, they would probably decimate Japan with several nukes, to this day the Koreans and Chinese hate the Japanese with a passion.


Out of the darkness we shall rise, an army cloaked in shadow, all you shall see is the destruction we wreak, and when all is done you tell the others who dare oppose us, that their death is assured the moment they try.

Madiba127 Team Leader
Dec 26 2011 Anchor

i will most likely end up doing a whole new map, based off your ideas mcardwell
it will be posted on the Dev Board in order for us to talk about it etc

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