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As you can see right now I recovered the Internet access again and I will be uploading new news soon arround here.

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It's been two long and busy months. I've been searching for some work for paying the university studies and other stuff.
At this moment I can't guess when I'm going to have a busy week or not, but at least I've already finished doing the important stuff and I have some free time to continue working on the mod (maybe working on 20 or 30 textures every 2 days). I left the lastest tech demo almost finished, so I guess I should start with that and let you guys test it once and for all (yeah...).
The last week I hadn't got Internet and I couldn't continue working on the tech demo, (I needed new textures) so I took advantage and made a cinematic trailer for the game principally for showing the textures I've done for the Fate on Russian Hills chapter.
Keep in mind that the new cinematic trailer it's like a CGI concept demo, it's not taken from the game or even from a game engine, it's just a tradicional 3D animation made from scratch (using some models taken from the game and other ones made by myself). I'm pretty new on this 3D modelling stuff (I only made two 3D animations until now), so the quality of the trailer may not be very "professional", but by the other hand it was a challenging work animating the 3D models of the game; making the characters talk and editing the scenes. It took me all week to finish the trailer (mostly because processing the scenes was very demanding for my PC, even at only 360p), but I had a lot of fun making it. If anybody wants me to teach how to make a 3D animation using models from a game, just let me know and I'll make a small tutorial when I have time.

As you can see right now I recovered the Internet access again and I will be uploading new news soon arround here. Also, a friend of mine made a Youtube channel and upoaded all the videos of this website, so you can see them in higher resolution (don't know why but I can't upload 1080p videos on moddb).

See ya

Youtube channel
My first 3D animation (abstract/experimental work)


I want to post this again because somebody posted it in your last news update and I think it's something you should see if you haven't already:

"I've never played Indigo Prophecy, though I always heard it was great. Last year I picked it up, but ran into your project and decided to hold off playing it until you finish, checking here occasionally. There's no rush, I'm always glad there are people with unique interests willing to focus and dive deep into niche projects like this.

Whenever I got around to playing Heavy Rain, I understood for the first time what the hype was about Indigo Prophecy. Their storytelling format is really excellent and their first iteration deserves the attention you're giving it.

I'm not sure what sort of features you're adding, but do try not to get carried away with your creativity which can result in an infinitely long list of possible features. It's amazing and exciting to get lost in those kinds of thoughts, but those sorts of lists can easily kill motivation on projects eventually. Sift through them and pull out a few, then add more in future versions if necessary.

Try to keep a safe "finished" version around that you could just release as 1.0 in case you get carried away and start losing interest. If the end is clearly in sight and the features are well defined and finite, then it might not be bad to try to get it out at least in time for the release of their next game Beyond: Two Souls. It would make a great time to promote the project so other people learning about their games can go back and get the most out of playing Indigo Prophecy.


tl;dr finish the core parts and post a 1.0 version before you start adding more stuff you want to it! We're eager to get our hands on it!

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rudolfarch Author

Ah yes! I already read it a few months ago. I tried to reply the comment but the website game me an error or something and I forgot to try it again the next day

But actually, all features are already added; right now I'm working exclusively on the textures. And yeah I plan to launch a 1.0 version and let you guys give me ideas for new features for the future versions.

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Awesome! Can't wait.

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I also didn't play the game yet. Bought it last year or so, but had problems with getting widescreen to work, then I didn't have time etc... Can't wait for you to finish this mod!

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This is your last news? Why you have internet problems, be a good boy and try to done your job man..

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