This mod is set in Games Workshop's, great Warhammer 40,000 ( 40k ) universe. Each map pits Imperial Space Marines against the Tyranid swarm and the Legions of Chaos, competing in a series of mission objectives, culminating in a battle to decide the fate of the planet. Latest scheduled play times and list of servers:

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This article summarises all the changes to Exterminatus since it's last major release in July 2018. The changes are broken down into four categories: Features, new headline features added to the mod. Tweaks, aesthetic and quality of life adjustments to existing features. Bug Fixes, correcting errors in previous versions and Balance where features are tuned for better gameplay.

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Features in version 9.22

  • Added an announcer system with roughly 60 new voice lines from Bulwark (edited by DontAsk4470).
  • Players will make pain noises when there health drops below 90%, 50% and 10%. Uses sounds recorded by Bulkwark and edited by Dontask4470. This feature uses the same rate limiter as battle cries, so by design they don't always play.
  • Show the health of breakable objectives on the crosshair, so you can see how much damage has been done.
  • human cross hair radius reflects the effects of your stance.
  • New Boltgun first person animations by Kharos.
  • Added a imperial terminator jump animation. Initially terminators did not have the ability to jump, so the model was created without a jump animation.
  • A new Drop Pod model by Clay_more, skins and animations by ChromeAngel has been added. For use in new maps, either decoratively or as an objective marker / spawn point.
  • New version of the lab map for testing the scale and animations of the Drop Pod.
  • Enable ex_gameplay entity to specify a default timer to override the servers own multiplayer timeout.
  • Updated ex_city_conflict, ex_bunker and csm_thunderhawk with the default timer flag and fixed a leak.
  • New chaos version of city conflict (originally by Dark Marine back in 2006) called csm_city_conflict has been added. This puts chaos space marines in the attacking role in place of tyranids.
  • csm_trench by ChromeAngel has been updated by re-oriented the dropzones on the bridge in csm_trench and added some small aesthetic details and fixed some glitches.
  • Updated ex_transmitter and csm_transmitter by WhiteLighting, but they have been removed from the default map cycle due to lack of polish.
  • ex_compromised and ex_bunker by WhiteLighting has been updated by ChromeAngel.
  • ex_exchange by WhiteLighting has received extensive updates from ChromeAngel including:
    • Quick and dirty texturing.
    • lighting and some dreadnought accessibility.
    • Remove a timer that did nothing.
    • Extended the marketplace to make it harder to cap both sides in a short time.
    • Moved the marketplace objectives closer to their drop zones.
    • Added more details to distinguish the sides of the marketplace.
    • Gave the loyalist spawn area the same connectivity as it's chaos counterpart to make it more defensible.
    • Removed some particularly camping sandbags.
    • Moved the first objective for each team closer to their spawn rooms to make them more defensible.


  • Dontask4470 has applied new filters to Bulwark's space marine voice acting.
  • Updated Space marine system sounds remixed by DontAsk4470.
  • Updated Chaos space marine system sounds remixed by DontAsk4470.
  • Consistent team colouring in the kill feed.
  • Default imperial mission to reflecting which enemy they are against on that map.
  • Put newly spawned players on the floor, rather then letting them drop.
  • Tweaked the offset of the knife view model to prevent the tops of the arms being visible.
  • Re-skinned a pillar prop contributed so long ago it's author is now lost to time (maybe Nic2 or Cyberman). The pillars can be seen in ex_valley and both versions of city_conflict.
  • Updated the tutorial by removing the team swap option, adding a breakable objective and a proper exit , some of the rooms were also decorated up a bit.
  • Made the bunker doors on csm_trench team specific and changed the door colours to clue newly spawned players as to where they exit to.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the stretched cross hair when aiming at a player.
  • Fixed auto-balance bug that prevented some players joining a team when both teams were balanced and the score was also balanced.
  • Fixed missing turret destruction sound.
  • Fixed missing hand textures for the scouts boltgun.
  • Fixed an edge case bug where the Imperium wins by killing all the opposing team and an objective is captured (even if it's the imperials starting objective).
  • Fixed an exploit where the sniper rifle could be use to snap of 2 shots in very quick succession.


  • Nerfed Knife damage from 28 to 22.
  • Added 5 extra points of fire resistance to terminator armour.

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