A mod that gives the player a chance to use units from many famous movies and games. Play with your favourite characters and make battles that noone have ever seen before. Lots of characters from Marvel or DC are included: Superman, Batman, Ironman, Ghost rider, Dr.Strange, Deadpool, Captain America, Flash, Thor, Hulk.. X-Men Characters: Magneto, Wolverine, Professor X Characters from Famous games & Movies: - Serious sam (from that game) - Duke nukem (from that game) - Doom Slayer (from "Doom") - Scorpion (From Mortal Kombat) - Paxton Fettel (From "F.E.A.R." - Predator (from movie and game) - Gordon Freeman, Vorigaunt, Strider, Combine Soldier (From Half Life 2) - Patriarch (from Killing floor) - All Team fortress 2 classes uncluded And many others (check description for full list of units)

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