Expanded wars is for command and conquer generals: Zero Hour, it adds many new factions, and modifies all of the other old Factions. You will be able to command new powers such as laser bombardment, Neutron bombs, Meteor Strikes, and Fuel Air Carpet bombing. You can be promoted 9 times in expanded wars to allow a new line of units to be enlisted into your sides army by reaching the final rank, and you can quickly change the tide of a battle with these.

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Federation Rising 1.0 is complete, I'm working on the upload process now, So, whats to come next? Who are the three GFA Generals? Well check in here to find that out.

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It only seems like 3 months ago I started working on the GFA. Well, It's done and good to go. This version requires no previous versions, It makes it a lot more compatible for future versions to come out.

So, the big question now, whats next?

Here is the answer to that question:

Overlord Objects For GFA:
-Ultimatter Blaster Cannon
-Titan Controversial Factory
- Titan Tank (Edit: Only a single cannon)

General Rexius Nathan
Advanced Laser Technology
General Nathan uses advanced weapons of war, replacing any form of shell weapons with a laser. You will also find his laser drones to be a lot more difficult to defeat. His only drawback, he loses all forms of mortar weaponry, and his plasma weapons are significantly weakened.

General Hawthorne Jericho
"Punch In" Weaponry
General Jericho just likes to put a pounding on anything that can be hit. To do so, he has the most armored and deadliest tanks you will find, he, like Nathan, has no mortar weaponry, but instead, he owns a gauss cannon which can melt tank (and base defense) armor very very quickly. Jericho also has a few new tank units and no MPM Launcher, but I'll tell you more about it later.

General Ashley "Nighthawk" Shawdon
Disruption and Stealth Technology
General Shawdon uses stealth and disruption of enemy forces to her advantage. She has a special form of the disruptor tank that can fire a magnetron particle blast which has a leaflet effect on the area. Also, upon getting the technology center, she can upgrade to advanced cloaking packs which will not only camo tanks, but buildings too!

So there you have it, the three GFA Generals. After that, I will pick the "Winners" from the Splinter Design contest and those Splinter Factions will be made, And to finish off E.W. 1, A new system of Models and Skins will be added. After that, I'm off to E.W. 2. =-D

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