Expanded wars is for command and conquer generals: Zero Hour, it adds many new factions, and modifies all of the other old Factions. You will be able to command new powers such as laser bombardment, Neutron bombs, Meteor Strikes, and Fuel Air Carpet bombing. You can be promoted 9 times in expanded wars to allow a new line of units to be enlisted into your sides army by reaching the final rank, and you can quickly change the tide of a battle with these.

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Wow.. a news update. Federation Rising Estimated Release Date inside.

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Next Version

-GFA Construction Platform
--Battle Dozer
-GFA Generator
-GFA Supply Zone
--Havoc Transport
-GFA Armory
--Chaingun Infantry
--Laser Rifle Infantry
--GFA Grenadier
--Missile Launcher Infantry
--Mortar Infantry

--Juggernaut (Hero)
-Base Turret
--Plasma Barrel
--ELF Barrel
--AA Barrel
-Vehicle Pad
--Z86 Assault Tank
--Harbinger Transport
--Photon Tank
--Z88 Siege Tank
--Z90 Mauler

--MPM Launcher
--Disruptor (Rank 3 Needed)

--Shrike Fighter
--Arving Bomber

--Combat Havoc (Overpowered when filled with mortar infantry)
--Super Havoc
--Gargoyle Artillery Platform

--Laser Drone

-Technology Center
-Advanced Base Turret
--Photon Beam Barrel
--Missile Barrel
--Mortar Barrel

-Galactic Magnetic Cannon
--Galactic Magnet Cannon

--Dark Matter Pulse
-Minefield Generation Device

And Something not shown in the previous article... Generals powers:
(and yes, everyone loves these)

Rank 1:
- Electrical Disruption
- Arving Flyby

- E. Repair 1
Rank 3:
- Magnetic Bomb
- Disruptor Access
- Electrical Burst
- Magnetic Disruption 1, 2, and 3 (Impossible in ZH)
- MPM Storm 1, 2, and 3

- E. Repair 2 and 3
- Laser Drone Ambush
Rank 5:
- Mortar Storm
- Gravity Beam (See Magnetic Disruption)
- Tele - Bomb
- Instant Minefield


These are just the Ideas for them right now

- Ultimatter Blaster Cannon
- Fires a beam of energy that cooks targets for 5 seconds
- Titan Controversial Factory
- Titan Tank
- Armed with Twin Ultimatter Cannons
- Ability : Tactical Strike


So, when will EW 1: Federation Rising 1.0 Be Ready? Well, I suppose the difficulty or Magnetic Disruption will cause a delay, Unless someone knows how to make a generals power that suspends targets in the air for a duration of time.

But, I'd Say around Nov. 22 Is when the Release should be public, But like always, this is subject to change.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to know what one of these things do, just ask.



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