Got tired of standard CPMA/QuakeLive, or maybe want them more featured ? Excessive Plus is for you, the fastest, most explosive 3D Action/Shooter (FPS) active mod in the world. It works with Quake III, IoQuake3, OpenArena and Xreal. What's possible on Quake3 excessiveplus ? Shortly, you can do anything with excessiveplus ! So join it, and enjoy it ;] "E+ is modification where all weapons and movement, are super-powerful and in every way excessive."

Funshoots (view original)

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Fun-shoots, u can make anything on eplus, any server side configurations for weapons or physics or anything. Its cool :) then u can make a homing rockets, or lightning gun that can shot on corner (liek grenades from wals)... or triple sided plasma, any timings, amos speed or something, u even can walk on plasma shels (i did made sometime server side cfg), or gun shels can jump like balls from walls its fun :D knowing that u can copy any mod's to wxcessiveplus mod :D

You even can modify server name, config names bot names coloring with manyy features.