Adds Decisions, Events and new traits

So, I've been looking for a worth while Sharingan mod that adds in traits or any sort of events and never had anything worth-while that I wanted. Everything so far that I've found contains traits called Sharingan but never actually had it being inheritable or actually evolving with Tomoe.

So I decided to learn how to create Traits, Events, Decisions and minor scripting.

It's nothing impressive though I am proud of it being my first modification. This is a WIP and not many features have been implemented yet, please check the ChangeNotes/Changelog to see what is currently being added.

Adds Multiple traits.

  • Uchiha Blood: That unlock the ability to possibly unlock an imperfect Sharingan(One Tomoe), an inheritable trait that's essentially the Uchiha Bloodline.

  • One Tomoe Sharingan: Unlocked through training currently. [Random events have yet to be finished.]

  • Two Tomoe: (That'll be through either random events or a decision on the intrigue tab) [Some events finished more to come]

  • Three Tomoe: (That'll be developed through emotional strain, a near death experience or further training.
    There are three different types of Three Tomoe sharingan to differentiate the quality of eyes each with their own unique abilities and modifiers.
    It will also be the defining changer in the quality of eyes, what Mangekyo you receive and if eyes are stolen the quality of eyes implanted. [WIP, Traits finished,One event in many more Narrative and random events unfinished]

  • Mangekyō Sharingan: (That'll be developed through Emotional strain possibly due to the killing of a close dynastic member with high relation or something else along the line that'll give possibly different abilities, random events, new command abilities or much more. Though with more use will end in blindness)
    There will be multiple types of Mangekyō depending on multiple factors, random chance and what Three Tomoe you have as to give eyes a uniqueness. [WIP]

  • Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan: (A Mongekyo Sharingan that does not end in blindness when overused. That'll most likely be gained through an eye transplant once I finish making Sharingan "Items" that'll go in the treasury and to be transplanted by having enough learning and activating an event tree to possibly result in maiming yourself, death or anything of the sort. As well as obtaining These eyes incredibly hard but increasing your life span in the end to make actually obtaining them not a fleeting reward but a hard challenge) [WIP]

  • Strained Eyes: Eyes that have been strained and overused beyond belief from Mongekyo sharingan abilities.[WIP, Trait finished events still have yet to come.]

This is my first mod I've developed. Though many pictures and icons in this mod I've obtained from other mods, artists and or edited myself.

Credits for art go to their respective owners and artists.

Please comment or message me about any bugs and i'll try to fix it as well as add onto this mod ASAP.

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Upcoming features


Hello there! Before I start thank you again for taking the time out of your day to view this modification and or for downloading it if you have.

So currently as the mod Evolving Sharingan is incredibly new not much content has actually been added, what I've currently been working on recently was fixing the few bugs and making a few traits as for future events I will be making.

Upcoming features

  • Eye Implantation
  • Mangekyo Sharingan's
  • Random events
  • Sharingan abilities
  • ect/etc

Soon enough I will be implementing a feature to be able to steal other Sharingan holders eyes, as well as being able to Implant them into yourself or someone else respectively. though I thought it would be incredibly bland if it simply was just a generic trait everyone could get as well as when Mangekyo Sharingans are transplanted how un-fun that could be for the user to always know or expect what you're getting, and there not being any variety like in the regular Naruto-verse.

So I thought, "Why not have differentiating eyes and qualities". What this would/will do is provide different traits when your Sharingan progresses as to make them more unique to the person and more fun to actually develop and see what you'll recieve as well as making each person more distinct in what they have.

Currently i've made three new traits that Mangekyo sharingan soon enough once they're implemented to branch off from.

These three traits are Three-Tomoe Sharingan the completed stage of a sharingan. Though not implemented as of yet the three traits have been finished as my next focus is Events, be it interactive turn by turn, narrative or simple random character events or decisions to actually progress.

Each being distinctly different yet very similar and instead of me simply telling you what each trait does i'll show you.

Screenshot 684Screenshot 685 1Screenshot 686

Their modifiers are subject to change as of now.

These three traits are currently in-game/mod though have yet to be fully implemented via events or regular progression but are accessible in console, any feedback is gladly appreciated.

Though finally in conclusion this is simply a statement alerting everyone to the plans ahead I have as well as a heads-up as to what's to come and currently in.

Lastly if you want too, please help with the mod in any way you want as it's gladly appreciated. As it may be small I am very happy to hear any sort of feedback you all wish to state.

Helping with the mod

  • Bug reports
  • Giving or stating any ideas or what you believe should be changed.
  • Any sort of feedback
  • Any art for traits or Event ideas


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Evolving Sharingan[v3]

Evolving Sharingan[v3]

Full Version

Added six new On_Action events. Four of which progress the One Tomoe Sharingan to the second state through combat. There will be more coming as well as...

Evolving Sharingan 0.2 Update

Evolving Sharingan 0.2 Update

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Direct quote from Steam workshop Changelog/Change Notes: Update: Jan 8 @ 1:09am Added a small event that has a chance to trigger every year if a character...

Evolving Sharingan

Evolving Sharingan

Full Version

This is still in progress, there's very few traits currently as well as events and decisions. Much more will be added soon enough. Currently accessible...


I liked the mod, I was waiting for someone to do it and it was very good. I hope that in the future you can at least build a universe similar to Naruto and the other Donjutsus.

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Cool mod, if you have discord I may help you with the images of the traits. Kudos, if you want a major overhaul mod.

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La verdad que es muy buena idea la de hacer esto,espero que puedas seguir avanzando suerte,si necesitas ayuda puedes pedirmela,saludos.

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ZokonDragon Creator

Sorry if this statement is messed up as i'm using google translate Though i'd gladly appreciate any help you can offer and or want to help with. Thank you again as I do appreciate the gesture.

Lo siento si esto está mal puesto que estoy usando un traductor. Aunque con mucho gusto agradecería cualquier ayuda que pueda ofrecer o con la que quiera ayudar. Gracias de nuevo.

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Naruto foreshadowing?

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ZokonDragon Creator

I'm planning on making a Naruto overhaul modification in the distant future once I can improve my scripting/modding skills, though for now i'm sticking with something simple as something like this has been what I've dreamed of having on CK2 for a while.

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