Evolution of Combat IV is a total conversion mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy adding a brand new class system, improved saber combat, movie realistic characters and a wide range of other tweaks and improvements.

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this mod sucks Discussions Patthemad Patthemad - read

Sep 8 2019

Launcher Won't Update! Help Needed! Grizwald200 MattFiler - read

Dec 5 2016

A message to all. Discussions serenity937 Hels - read

Oct 9 2016

Annoying bug with e-11 dissapearing blaster projectiles Bugs mdrpl pewsitron - read

May 28 2016

[Help] Can't start your mod Help Needed! Nyloth90 MattFiler - read

Apr 13 2016

Latest Skybox Errors Bugs 0-0-Bram 0-0-Bram - read

Apr 12 2016

(SP) Restore console commands + command or button for lightsaber menu Suggestions Minarik Ololzor - read

Mar 31 2016

Melee grab combo Discussions Reshki starwarsfan1011 - read

Mar 25 2016

V2.2 Bugs Bugs moddermanEX Hels - read

Mar 9 2016

I can't use the force Help Needed! RunnyRelic RunnyRelic - read

Mar 6 2016

Suggestion. Suggestions Hels RapGooD - read

Feb 25 2016

How I feel about this mod Discussions shacalboltx Hels - read

Feb 25 2016

How to type commands in-game? Help Needed! Creasto Creasto - read

Feb 20 2016

Set-Up.exe won't let you choose where to install the updater? Help Needed! Creasto Creasto - read

Feb 20 2016

[Information] About your Mod. Discussions Nyloth90 Nyloth90 - read

Feb 14 2016

EOC IV files won't showup in GameData folder and I tried everything! Bugs Creasto shacalboltx - read

Feb 12 2016

New Player, Mod User Bugs Zerosense Zerosense - read

Feb 11 2016

Singleplayer NPCs Suggestions moddermanEX moddermanEX - read

Feb 11 2016

Known bugs to the momment (SP VERSION). Bugs Hels daphuulz1368627912 - read

Feb 9 2016

Skybox Errors Bugs 0-0-Bram 0-0-Bram - read

Feb 8 2016

Some SP Bugs Bugs InvertedInvert moddermanEX - read

Feb 8 2016

Make more HD fonts! Suggestions skew skew - read

Feb 8 2016

Evolution of Combat.exe not showing up Help Needed! Chubby_Dominic MattFiler - read

Feb 8 2016

Mos Eisley smuggler and mercenary mission Bugs SkyR226 SkyR226 - read

Feb 6 2016

Bug Report Bugs reflectioninternal reflectioninternal - read

Feb 6 2016


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