Evil Forces 1.5 German-Version

News: A new patch with the version-number 1.5 is now available!
See also english version with subtitles: Moddb.com


Release-Trailer 2011

Sprecher-Teaser 2011 / Part 01

Sprecher-Teaser 2011 / Part 02


... find a lost expedition, which give for many days no sign of life ...

Have you the courage to embark in this facility to save the expedition? Dare you to to this place, where behind every corner could be a trap? Are you ready for a new challenge?
Then beard the evil forces!


    • Exciting mainquest
    • 6 sidequests
    • Discover a new country with many dungeons
    • EF is set to music by 26 professional german actors, the most are from the Mindcrusher Studios! www.mindcrushers.de
    • Totally 1706 lines of dialog are set to music, this comes up to about 2 hours!
    • New weapons
    • Many hours of fun!
Valuations & Awards:

www.force-studio.at - rating.png www.force-studio.at - rating.png

PC-Action 09/2011 PC-Games Ex 10/2011

Credits / Acknowledgements:

  • Hoxyd of (SureAI.de)
  • Grabstein (fallout-forum.de)
  • Metzger (GlobalgamePort.com)
  • Misantrooper (TNH-Modding.de)
  • TheBlackRipper (Fallout hq.de)
  • DansonDelta40 (GlobalgamePort.com)

Evil Forces has been largely set to music by the Mindcrusher Studios. Oda Plein was the responsible for casting and coordination and Mark Kaczkowski was served as an intermediary, these two people have made it possible that Evil Forces was fully set to music. Many thanks to you!


Christoph 'Galerion' Habersatter

Voice Actors:

Kirsten Schuhmann
Ralf Pappers
Jan Sommer
David Meiländer
David Riedel
Roland Kremer
Denise Baumgartz
Tabitha Hammer
Timo Landsiedel
René Wagner
Oda Plein
Stefanie Puke
Lea Plein
Jan Boysen
Mark Kaczkowski
Dennis Pauler
Michael Gerdes
Lars Havemann
Marta Thor
Falk T. Puschmann
Marco Ansing
Jörg Buchmüller
Andreas von Knobloch
Markus Raab
Christian Hanke

2D-3D works:


Conzept art:




Beta Testers:

Misantrooper (TNH-Modding.de)
UnderProgamer (Fallout Hq.de)
Aaaaaimbot (GlobalGamePort.com)
Tarmak (Fallout Hq.de)
xypepper (Fallout Hq.de)
Tacko (GlobalGamePort.com)
Grabstein (Fallout Forum.de)


While you download Evil Forces, you can read the Online-Readme here: Online-ReadMe
Note: In the Fallout.INI must some entries be changed, to play Evil Forces faultless.
Instructions for all these people which have changed the Fallout.INI already: Instructions

Date: 13.September.2011
Version: 1.5
Link: Official Download SETUP


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New Patch 1.5 available!


Today we release a new patch for "Evil Forces", with the version-number 1.5!


  • better German-Audio-Response
  • Some Bugs are fixed
  • Better Performance
  • etc.

The English-version with subtitles is still in progress, but we search currently more people which help us by the Text translation. When you can speak English and German well, please contact us with a PM.

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Evil Forces (RU)

Evil Forces (RU)

Full Version

Вы отправляетесь в путешествие сквозь туннели метро, множество подземелий в Айову...

Evil Forces Patch 1.5

Evil Forces Patch 1.5


This is a Patch for Evil Forces (1.5), please put the .esp and the .bsa into your Fallout 3 /Data Directory. (Copy and Overwrite)

Evil Forces German 1.5

Evil Forces German 1.5

Full Version

"Evil Forces" is a Modification for Fallout 3. This Project is a Story-Mod with full german audio response. There are over 10-12 hours playtime, where...


gut gemacht xD

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Sorry i don't speak German, I hoped to be translated by now :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

wow this mod is just..... awesome..... this is one of few mods I saw that are just brilliant!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The English version will contain the voice or only the subtitle ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TheEvilForce1 Creator

Only the subtitles, because it is difficult to find so many voice-actors. Evil Forces is set to music by 26 actors and that is very much.

We search currently some people which help us with the text-translation, if you can speak german-english well, please contact me over PM.

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