The Europe in Ruins team is proud to present the latest iteration of their award winning modification with: Europe in Ruins takes the fast paced, intense and surreal combat that you've come to know from Company of Heroes and combines it with persistent environment, ever changing meta-gameplay and ongoing war. The modification sees you creating and commanding your very own battalion in which you can customize with any units and upgrades you wish; Company of Heroes strategy has never had so much choice. Not only do you get to build up your battalion, but as you units battle, they will gain and retain all the experience they have earned, carrying over from battle to battle; going from green to elite! Not only do units gain veterancy, but your battalion as a whole increases in effectiveness through doctrine unlocks and other advantages. Each of these unlocks are designed so that the player can tailor their battalion to their ow

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"Cloudy with a chance of airborne"

3vs3 on Neuville

Allies: Nimitz/Two/Failborne
Axis: Burn4meplz/Kwiatekek/Uglysori

*clicks on radio*

Today! in the news from the western front!

In preperation for the seizure Lyon, allied forces have launched a daring paratrooper raid on the small town of Neuville, clearing the road for the boys on the beach.

Reports are coming in that Jerry's putting up quite a resistance, flooding the area with crack SS troops to stem the tide of paratroopers.

Casualties are climbing and our boys are being admitted into the wards for severe chemical burns due to a crack panzer team rigging their shells for incendiary explosions.

On top of this already grim news, we have recent intelligence that the SS troops have, in limited numbers, learned how to operate their own MG42s! What madness is this??!!

And that special... what did they say to call it?.. oh yeah, Jadgpanther, well this kitty definately seems to have 9 lives. Our boys are reporting that none of our conventional weapons penetrate this beast, even when its cowering in a corner in its death throws!

Sneaky airborne drops, Crack panzer units, Howie vs. Hummel, a reward unit for PE, sneak peaks and more coming right to your ears on the Groundcast NEWS hour!

In other news, we have a low pressure front extending its reach over northern France and it looks like its going to be cloudy with a high chance of airborne.

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