Ethas: Embrace of Destiny is a modification for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim being developed by Justin Hardin and Elijah Houck, the team that brought you the mod Alton, Il. for Fallout 3. In Embrace of Destiny, you will explore the lands of Arelia and Virardan, two countries currently at war with each other. Your role starts you out as one of the five famous Captains of the Arelian Army. Choices will be made, and sides will be chosen. There is only one question that remains: will you become the hero or the villain?

Report RSS Ethas: Embrace of Destiny 2012 Summer Update!

Screens, podcast, and more! We show off quite a bit of new stuff in 11 new images, and go into what Ethas is all about in our podcast. Come check it out!

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Summer Update Time!

We've just released a bunch of new screen shots that show what we have been working all on summer. From the re-imagined Plains of Sorrow to the forests of the Heartland, we have a quite a few new things we'll be showing within the images. Some of the new things shown off include;

- 2 of the 3 new playable races.
- The Heartland, the forested lands in southern Arelia, and home of Arelia's capital.
- Our redesigned color palette for the Plains of Sorrow.
- A screen showcasing an open city. Yes, we will be having open cities.
- Elven Ruins

Also with the screenshots, we are releasing our first podcast! We talk over a few general topics concerning Ethas: Embrace of Destiny, and what it's all about. It provides a first insight into the world of Ethas, and what you can expect in Embrace of Destiny.

And last, but not least, we are also releasing the main theme for Ethas: Embrace of Destiny, composed by our own Justin Hardin! We hope you enjoy this look into the feel and some of the atmosphere we are going for within the musical realm that will be brought to you in Embrace of Destiny.

If anybody is interested in joining the Ethas team or is interested in voice acting, email us at If you're looking to become a team member, be sure to include examples of what you've created in the past. The Ethas team has a very open workflow, so you won't be forced into a specific position, you'd pretty much be free to do whatever you want (within reason!).

Remember to keep watch, as we'll still be updating in the future with more stuff!

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