Estranged, the story of a lone fisherman, stranded on a mysterious island during a violent storm. Explore rich environments and meet the curious inhabitants of the island as you find a way back to the mainland.

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Some glitches and that kind of stuff (Games : Half-Life 2 : Mods : Estranged : Forum : Bugs and Glitches : Some glitches and that kind of stuff) Locked
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Apr 12 2012 Anchor

Here comes some glitches i've found:
- If you will jump in a water here - , you would see a hole in a rock on the left -> .
- A tiny little hole here - -> .
- I have easily get to the top of tree house by jumping from the branch - , , , .
- Is that grass suppose to grow through the concrete? .
- Weird glass shader, looks like it alphatest, why not transparent? .
- Inverted bumpmap
- Same place what i've wrote about in a news comment - , .
- In my view, that lamp post looks a bit out of place, but that's not a glich or bug, just a thought .
- Where is a ladder? :D
- More thoughts, that plant looks out of place - .

Some bump maps are looking out of place, like this one - , that texture suppose to be smooth, not so embossed. And that wood texture on a wheel should be smooth too .
Hope it's not useless information :3

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Apr 12 2012 Anchor

So this is really helpful, thank you. Screenshots are much appreciated, I will try and get most of this fixed.

Some points:
"A tiny little hole here - ->" dammit... yeah it looks odd. I added that at the last minute thinking, "hey, this wall is being propped up, let's give it a reason to be with a small crack" addittedly it didn't turn out looking too fantastic haha. I'll fix that...
"Weird glass shader, looks like it alphatest, why not transparent?" - I can't :( Because I've got glass windows and other translucent stuff in that map, Source has issues with its alpha sorting, so I pretty much have no other option here.

The bump mapping issues I'll fix too, I think I went a bit crazy with bump maps over the entire game.

Thanks for playing and posting this, I hope you enjoyed the mod.

Apr 13 2012 Anchor

Thank you for respond. Looking forward to test some more alphas/bettas :D

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