An extremely challenging mod which forces players to think outside of the box... in order to get out of the box. Each room is a unique puzzle, and is always full of surprises. Not for players who aren't up for an intense, claustrophobic experience.

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i must say thsi is the coolest puzzle game ive -played in a long time it would have been a 9 but it would have been such a strong nine i would have felt like a liar saying jsut a 9 keep up cant wait for the sequel


abominable37 says

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I honestly thought this mod was quite original. It made use of something that hasn't really been done too often, and that is made the character play without weapons, and just solely solving puzzles. If you're really into puzzle games then this will certainly make you happy. I had several moments where I was spending a while trying to figure out what to do until I finally had that Aha! moment, and that always felt nice!
I didn't have many issues with the game play but the maps, I am sorry, could have definitely been worked on. Clearly your attention to detail is there, there are plenty of physics objects set in just the right spots and it makes the puzzles much more overwhelming when you first enter a new room. The lighting could easily use some work, play around with using lights in conjunction with light_spots to make for interesting lighting, and don't forget to make lights match their models. No such light in this world creates a perfect white stream of light, make it a little off yellow or off blue. The texture choice was a bit strange, and the lack of HDR kinda ruins a lot of things for me... You used the Ep2 Engine but didn't make use of HDR!
The only thing that bothered me about gameplay I'd say was the bits where you would spend a lot of time looking for the way out when you just had to find a key, primarily in the Kastle area, the key was unfairly hidden, it just didn't feel clever like the other puzzles, I basically ran around and mashed E until I picked it up! It was a great mod idea and concept, but the execution could have been better, but definitely don't stop modding, you certainly have something here!


not bad. I got 'off map' in the train station.


Ending music made it.

i found the voice acting a little weak but it did make me think and i got out of some of the rooms by luck! good job guys

A great puzzle mod that has you using your noggin and eyes.

There were some moments where I gave up, and upon returning to it I found the solution to my problem.

Some players may get burned out after playing for an extended period of time and rush, missing crucial keys or solutions. So take this mod slowly, as finally escaping one room to find yourself in an even more challenging room never gets old :)


The challenges were inventive and the maps looked nice except for the skytrain map, which was also incidentally the only map I didn't manage to figure out on my own after I got out of the train.

A light over the elevator might've been prudent to indicate there's something there. I tried to stack my way up there at first and didn't see the cable at all because of the lack of light.

That being said, the voice acting could've been better. The technical quality of the clips was great, but the actress struggled to sound sincere, believable or even coherent in the longer parts (which is also the hardest thing to do in acting. One liners are usually easier to do.).
The end result was that with a few exceptions she sounded like she was reading the lines from the paper and I, as a listener, lost interest.

Even so, some of the one liners she said were so out there that they were more irritating to listen to than they were taunting because it didn't sound like she knew what she meant when saying it. Especially the "That is the sound of your dropping sanity" (or whatever it was).

I give the project a 6+.

+ Overall nice looking level design
+ Custom animations on the doctor (?)
+ Good puzzles

- Custom models were all pretty basic in nature.
- Voice acting

I had no idea what to expect when I downloaded this mod. I'd like to say that I was pleasantly surprised.


1. This mod is rock solid. I didn't encounter a single glitch while playing.

2. This mod is challenging. Many mods claim to be difficult or challenging, but this mod really delivers. I had to extensively examine my surroundings to finish each stage.

3. This mod has good maps. Overall, they look nice.

4. The ending makes you feel like a badass.


1. The design of some models and brushwork of this map is uninspired. It's very blocky and detracts from the rest of the mod.

2. The voice actress was, at times, difficult to understand.

3. The transitions between levels wasn't properly explained in the beginning. You're in a very gritty and creepy place, then this thing opens up. I can honestly say that my first thought wasn't, "Why don't I go through that weird portal thing?"

4. Certain areas could have been optimized better.

5. The voice actress's lines looped too often.

6. The plot of this mod is very, very, very open to interpretation. A solid story is almost nonexistent.

ODDITY: While playing, I detected many political undertones concerning capital punishment. It seems too prevalent to be unintentional, so I assume that the developer wanted to express his views on the matter to the player. I'm fine with the developer's viewpoint, but I'd rather have it stated somewhere that it's intentional/unintentional.

Overall, this is a very interesting mod and is completely worth the download.

This mod is, well, interesting. I like the idea and potential, although the execution was horrible. Great attempt, but it doesn't really entertain me as much as I wish it could have. The gameplay elements that I did enjoy were too few and far between. The real killer, for me, was when I tried to solve some puzzle presented, I always anticipated a very interesting solution, and found my self disappointed when it wasn't, this seemed like a game of hide and seek at most times.


I love puzzle games, and this is no exception. Great puzzles, but the npc and voice acting could have been a little better, it's not perfect, but it's not bad either. But one thing i hated was that the items from the second last level, teleported with you to the last level, and that can give problems like getting stuck.

It was a great mod, and a must-try for those who love puzzles.

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