Ergo's AddonPack for Drakensang: River of Time has been released on The AddonPack, or community patch if you prefer that term, fixes several errors in localization and gameplay, as well as makes some adjustments in balancing the game.

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+ New application icon
+ 3 new advantages for combat attributes
+ 7 new advantages for spells
+ 6 new disadvantages
+ 10 traits
+ 8 backgrounds (advantages)
+ 50% faster plant lore (gathering) and animal lore (skinning)
+ 25% faster movement speeds for all (including NPCs and monsters)
+ Renamed some attributes and special abilities back to as they were in Drakensang 1
+ Game follows orignal P&P rules more accurately
+ Darker dungeons
+ Localization fixes
+ Bug fixes
+ Free of charge for anybody to use, but also comes with no warranty whatsoever
+ Supports the classic version as well as the addon "Phileasson's secret"


Just execute "Install_Ergo's_AddonPack.bat" anywhere and enjoy. If you are planning to use this with other mods that add archetypes for example, then first install the other mods and then the addon.


Delete static.db4, game.db4 and locale.db4 from your ".../Drakensang - The River of Time/export/db" -folder and rename the backup files from the same folder.

- Spell localization fixes
* Renamed "Elvenword Silken Speech" to "Elfenwood Silkenspeech" as it was in Drakensang 1
* Renamed "Restituo" to "Attribute Restoration" as it was in Drakensang 1
* Renamed "Rescindere" to "Rescindere Disenchant"
* Renamed "Thunderbolt" to "Fulminictus Thunderbolt"
- Renamed "Clumsy Oaf" disadvantage to "Slow", since there is already "Clumsy" and it's more describing now
- Renamed "Insensitive" disadvantage to "Fragile", to make it more describing
- Revamped advantage categories
- Added 6 new advantages for spells
- Added a new disadvantage for spells
- Fixed issue with installer if installation path doesn't contain any spaces

- Added new traits "Ancestors Blood", "One Hander" and "Talented"
- Restored "Astral Block" disadvantage
- Casting times adjusted to better follow P&P
* Clarum Purum (cure poisons) casting time increased to 7 rounds (was 1)
* Balm of Healing casting time increased to 5 rounds (was 3)
- Renamed "Arrow Tempest" to "Rain of Arrows" as it was in Drakensang 1
- Renamed existing advantages like "Vitality Bonus" to "Vigor" to follow P&P naming
- Balanced and fixed the new advantages
- Minor localization fixes

- Darker interiors (in areas where sky is not visible)
- More localization fixes
- Advantages' descriptions fine tuned
- Renamed "Lightning Reflexes" -> "Combat Reflexes", as such name exists in TDE
- Renamed "Leveling Points" to "Experience Points", as it was in Drakensang 1
- Added proper Special Abilities to quick slots to archetypes
- Changed hit zones to follow P&P rules
- AddonPack fix, Gifted was not giving +1 to Strength

- Included bugfixes by JOG
* Dialog: You can show the pocket watch to Ulwina Neisbeck even if you managed to have more than one (Possible with stealing...)
* Perfect Soul Knife: magic "on Hit" effect now also available for Half-Elves as it should be (Fayris)
* Perfect Soul Spear: magic "on Hit" effect now also available for Half-Elves as it should be (Fayris)
* Fayris/Jaakon no longer lament over the fight against the trolls on the bridge when it didn't actually happen
* In Nadoret's thieves guild, Cano now only refuses to leave the party when the player isn't a member of the guild himself
* Shadow Robe: removed clipping problems with some hairstyles (New game required)
* Hood: removed clipping problems with some hairstyles (New game required)
* Perfected Soul Spear: Contrary to the item description there was no AT+1,TP+1 bonus (New game required)
- Included Charakteroptik Mod by JOG as well
* New bodies: Humans and Elves will now have 23 bodies for females and 19 bodies for males to pick from.
* New hairstyles: 10 hairstyles for Middenrealmian and Tulamidian females and 13 for Amazons
* New faces: 9 different faces to both sexs to pick from.

- Added support for other mods (Thanks to JOG)
- Minor updates to advantage strings
- Changed "Resistance to Magic" to "Resist to Magic" to fit in the layout
- Removed "Beast of Burden", was causing crash if no armor
- Added "Spellcasting Prodigy"

- Minor changes to Backgrounds
- Localization fixes
- Renamed some Special Abilities
- New advantage: Beast of Burden
- New disadvantage: Humpback
- New trait: Scorched by Magic

- Initial release

Features Explained

New Advantages:
Combat Reflexes: +3 to Dodge Value
Martial Arts: +5 to Brawling, +1 to Hit Points
Thick Skin: +1 to Armor Values

New Magic Advantages: (Only for magic users)
Knowledge of Conjuration: +1 to all Summoning Magic spells
Knowledge of Enchantment: +1 to all Attibutes Magic spells
Knowledge of Medicine: +2 to all Healing Magic spells
Knowledge of Sorcery: +1 to all Battle Magic spells
Knowledge of Witchcraft: +2 to all Domination Magic spells
Knowledge of Wizardry: +2 to all Special Magic spells
Spellcasting Prodigy: +1 to all Spells

New Disadvantages:
Astral Block: -1 to Astral Energy regeneration (Restored)
Humpback: Effective Encumbrance +1
Lame: -3 to Dodge, -2 to Agility
One-Eyed: -4 to Ranged Combat, -2 to Intuition
Wimpy: -1 to Base Parry Value
Slow-Witted: -1 to all Spells

Traits: (shown as advantages with 0 cost)
Ancestors Blood: +5 to Vitalit/Endurance/Astral Energy, -25% to Vitalit/Endurance/Astral Energy Regeneration (n/a for Humans)
Dwarven Defender: +2 to Base Parry Value, -2 to Base Attack Value (Dwarf only)
Fast Metabolism: +25% to Vitality regeneration, -25% to Endurance regeneration
Finesse: +2 to Base Attack Value, -1 to Hit Points (n/a for Dwarves)
Gifted: +1 to all Attributes, -4 to all Talents
Heavy Handed: +1 to Hit Points, -2 to Base Attack Value (n/a for Elves)
Magic Affinity: +3 to Astral Points, -5 to Resistance to Magic (Elf only)
One Hander: +2 to all 1-H weapon talents, -2 to all 2-H weapon talents, -1 to shield PA
Scorched by Magic: +5 to Resistance to Magic, -3 to Vitality (My homage to "Master of Past and Present")
Talented: +3 to all Talents, -1 to AT/PA/RC base values (Human only)

Backgrounds: (Only 1 can be picked)
Acolyte: +1 to Intuition, -1 to Cleverness, +5 to Treat Wounds, +3 to Treat Poisons, +2 to Arcane Lore
Cutpurse: +1 to Dexterity, -1 to Strength, +5 to Pick Pocket, +3 to Streetwise, +2 to Pick Locks
Hunter: +1 to Agility, -1 to Constitution, +5 to Traps, +3 to Animal Lore, +2 to Bowyer
Farmer: +1 to Constitution, -1 to Dexterity, +5 to Plant Lore, +3 to Survival, +2 to Perception
Militia: +1 to Courage, -1 to Intuition, +5 to Willpower, +3 to Sneak, +2 to Human Nature
Noble: +1 to Charisma, -1 to Courage, +5 to Seduce, +3 to Etiquette, +2 to Fast Talk
Scholar: +1 to Cleverness, -1 to Charisma, +5 to Arcane Lore, +3 to Alchemy, +2 to Plant Lore
Workaman: +1 to Strength, -1 to Agility, +5 to Blacksmith, +3 to Disarm Traps, +2 to Haggle

P&P Hit Zones:
Head: 10% (20%)
Left arm: 15% (10%)
Right arm: 15% (10%)
Left leg: 15% (10%)
Right leg: 15% (10%)
Chest: 20% (20%)
Belly: 10% (20%)

Old values are in the brackets. Basically limbs are now more vulnerable, but head and belly are not getting hits so easily.


Ergonpandilus (


To people in official Drakensang forum.
To Exhumed for Drakensang icon.
To JOG for SQL scripting help and Fixpack and Charakteroptik Mod mods.

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Ergo's AddonPack for TRoT (v1.50)

Ergo's AddonPack for TRoT (v1.50)

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Ergo's AddonPack for Drakensang: River of Time has been released on The AddonPack, or community patch if you prefer that term, fixes several...

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