Eras Total Conquest: A Medieval II Kingdoms mod - Featuring Four Maps & 12 Campaigns - 970 To 1547 with World Map

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Pretty darn impressive on making an entire world map! With some additions this could be one of the best M2TW mods out there.

Love the world map.


XXachillesThEBEAstXx says

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One of the best mods for medieval 2 total war.

Mod is very good but it have bad things too. Map and factions are very nicely done but unit variety is just not enough for this much factions. A lot of units look amazing and knights units are very rare but there are some useless units too or even units that don`t work and can`t even fight. World map is very impressive but saddly there are so much sea trade routs or road caravans that after conquering entire europe(around 60 towns) the game drops down to 5fps because of thousands of moving caravans and ships. Game economy is avarage at best since most of the factions gets 30000+ income from starting towns(some towns can get to 10000+ income on low taxes)so the AI will always have at least few full stack armies. And because of that economy you can litteraly buy every town from AI(entire europe give 200000+ income every turn and it wasn`t fully developed)or force every one to attack other factions or whatever you want them to do - basically legal cheats. Before 80 turn campaning got tedious and boring since it was either buying entire Asia, Africa and America that is no fun or conquering them but that would take around 1000 battles so no. This mod could use a lot of balancing because in this state it is getting very quickly boring.


amazing mod


Holy sharks this is by far the best historical Medieval II mod in terms of content and scope. Had a great time with my Anglofrancohispanonordosudanoindian empire and its HRE/Italy/East Europe/Mediterranean ally locked in eternal war with Mongol-controlled central and east asia. I wish that there was at least one American faction though: maybe replacing one of the central asian factions with the Aztecs.


aorcsphere123 says

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Absolutely beautiful. In every conceivable way. The only gripes I have are that 1. The protestants do not have a pope like figure and so have nothing special to do in the 1547 start date and just get slaughtered by the Catholics. And 2. Spain starts off far too powerful and many a time I have seen it take all of north and central america leaving no colonization for any other power. They then turn around and in one fell swoop annihilate France. It would be better if the date was set back to about 1500 and make 1 or 2 native american factions playable with Spain and Portugal less powerful. This could add more reputability as you could colonize with other European factions each time. and 3. Use the fog of war for the Americas, Australia and Africa. It adds to the immersion. Other than that. The best mod for medieval 2 total war out there.

Eras has done something spectacular with an already spectacular game and that is most definitely a feat! When I first played Medieval 2 Vanilla i was absolutely blown away by the game-play and campaign but was ultimately disappointed by the lack of attention and depth given to eastern and middle-eastern factions. I found a friend in the mod that is Stainless Steel but when i found Eras my heart was stolen. You remember that med 2 mod called broken crescent well take that mash it with every good idea you've had about med 2 and add world map. BOOM you get Eras. The mod manages to cover the entire world and even though they had to do some map manipulating (since in there is only so big you can make a med 2 map) they definitely got it just right to create a fun experience. Dive into a world of Large Powerful Empires Such as the Mongols, Ottomans or Ming. Or rise to glory as one of the budding factions Like the Mughals, Crimeans and many more. A mod that takes historical accuracy and mashes it with larger than life factions. Delve into the unit cards that have been delicately crafted for each faction, with nuggets of history littered throughout. Become awestruck at the amount of unique buildings that each faction posses. This Mod has a special place in my heart and i hope it will have one in yours too.
P.S plz install carefully following instructions to avoid head and heart-ache
After Note
After hours of gameplay i would humbly like to make a suggestion to the modders for a 1547 map without the americas so that the factions and Cities in Europe and Africa can get a little more fleshed out.


Almughavars says

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Great mod!

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