Be the bad guy in this modification for Half-Life 2 : Episode 2 and step into the boots of a stranded Metrocop, left for dead in the abandoned City 10. Experience a time before the fall of City 17 - 11 months before the deployment of Gordon Freeman. Bring the brutality and chaos of the Combine regime to the hidden rebel sanctuary of City 10. Endure the bitter cold as you fight your way through rebel shanties, infested tunnels and subway systems. Survive the Combine plague, and reclaim the Combine stronghold known as ‘Pillar 10’.

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Great experience for a small team MOD! It's quite lenghty compared to other mods and will keep you busy for a few hours, especially played on HARD mode. Hard difficulty in this MOD is quite harder than you remember from HL2.

Many HL2 features and puzzles can be found in this game and often with a new twist. The MOD's strongest point is the enemy placement. Monsters will often pop up behind you or flank you. Often the rooms are designed to bring out the best in combat. The walking flashlight was quite cool, but maybe a bit too long. Depending quite a lot on AI can cause problems, which it did in a few cases during my playthrough.

Storywise it's a nice twist as well, playing on the Combine end of the story. Many cutscenes and information on screen (or written on walls) mix this chapter into the HL2 storyline.

Where this MOD could use some improvement is in it's visuals. Some areas are really well done, while others are quite bland. Overall, I would recommend an overhaul of the lighting for all areas. Often lights are overbright and areas are so dark you are forced to use the nightvision 95% of the time. The nightvision creates a grainy overlay which makes the game look less good and it gives me headaches after longer periods of time.

In the start the item placement could be better too. I kept getting stuck in or behind props. This was less of an issue later on.

I encoutered a few small bugs during the game and some bigger ones towards the end which made me noclip to the next area one or two times.

All in all, really fun MOD to play. Could be ever better with new lighting and gameplay tweaks, but really recommend this one if you are looking for a challenge!

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