Modded COC tunned to the best experienced. Lot of graphic and sound improvements, tested by 50 hours of gameplay. Complete package just unzip and start. No need to add anything. I have just put the mods together and added my favorite battle tracks from famous action movies. Enjoy. Credit to all mod developers, keep up the great work. If somebody can improve this even further or get something similar from COC 1.5 let me know. LIST OF FEATURES / MODS (COC version 1.4.22) * increased bag total weight to 100kg * increase weapon damage (play on master) * Arsenal Overhaul 3.1 * Autumnal Winds 1.9 * Absolute Structure Redux * Absolute Nature Redux * Call of Ambient - music theme * 4GB ram patch * Dynamic Combat Music - with custom movie tracks * Dynamic Blood on HUD * English for COC * ElectraAnomaly - improved electric sound * GORE mod - increased blood * Rain Sound - improved rain * Sound Restoration - improved nature / environment sound * WeaponSound Mod for Arsenal Overhaul Thanks

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merv71 says

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A great little time saving mod,well presented with easy to follow instructions,2-3 hours into the game and i am really enjoying the challenging NPCs and the much improved surroundings,i still have found nothing to bring down its 10/10 rating.


MitchCat says

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Works fine with reshade (warm colors)and french traduction : I like it.Thanks


sirjoey says

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So this dude gave this mod pack a 1 point review because it's... A mod pack for people that want to download... A mod pack... What a c***. So I'll just give it a 10/10 to balance it out, also it's a really good mod pack!


DemosfenAnya says

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Just a package with mods that you can find in the page and download by your own, nothing great nor new, great for begginers and that's all.

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