"Fallout Tactics Brotherhood of Steel MOD: Enclave is not so much a MOD, the new improved FT-BOS engine, the new story (players play Enclave Leader bring Enclave victory back to the western wasteland), new game modes (base-building, collection of resources ,recruit more teammates, .etc), a large number of new weapons, vehicles and even air crafts, such as: Vertabird in Fallout 2,3. . . Reference to "Enclave Hand Book" and a lot of personal ideas, the game has been beyond the scope of Fallout Tactics, such as driving armed aircraft to provide fire support to ground friendly units, abseiling and so on, even among similar tactical RPG games,it is unprecedented. The return of the Enclave power armor, players can also play real-time system, experience different style of turn-based Fallout 2." - GunnerShi (The original creator of the mod.)

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