In this mod called EE: AoW (Empire Earth: The Art of War), you'll find a lot of content to the Empire Earth adiccional the best strategy game of all time!. Contain new units, maps and more.

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All the mod changes detailed here. The mod languages ​​are Spanish and English.

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* This mod requires the best graphics drivers, so update it to the latest version before you start playing.Improvements in the final version:

General Characteristics (Applicable to All Ages)

-> Patch Anti cheat and running-> Increased hit points and door wall by 300%
-> More than 1,000 new scenarios-
> With over 200 new campaigns
-> Including 20 new sounds
-> And more than 100 new civs
-> Optional: sound package was added as a kid when you please to hear that you enjoy it! haha and textures units clan-hussars
.-> Increased population limit: from 1200-13200 in single and multiplayer mode without error and working perfectly
-> Expanded tree timber capacity of 500 to 5504, for wood never be lacking.
-> Optimized game for windows xp and windows 7 (32/64 bits)
.-> Increase the cost of wonders by 400% each resource
-> New graphics more realistic iron mine.
-> Increased number of teams to choose from in multiplayer of 4 to 8.
-> Implemented the soundtrack to the game is ready to listen to the sound folder
.-> Changed houses statues to give more realism to the game, here are presented according to age:----- Prehistoric -> Olmec----- Stone -> moai----- Copper -> moai----- Bronze -> victory statue----- Dark -> victory statue----- Media -> mounted statue----- Renaissance -> golden Buddha----- Imperial -> mounted statue----- Industrial -> -> mounted statue----- Atomic (ww1-ww2-modern) -> Iwojima----- Digital and nano -> Panel PCs----- Space -> Time Machine


New textures in GUI: (Prehistory - Modern)
New Chart: garrotero
New Heroes: Pericles and Heracles
Pericles: Cost increased to 200 from food and iron


New Button: Forward to Stone Age
New Chart: Slinger
New Button: Change to the Copper Age Era
New Graphics: Tower / Gate / Copper Era Walls
New Building: Pagoda
New Guerrero: Guerrero Inca
New Units: Ensign, Centurion and Celtic Warrior
New Hero: Prince and the cid


New wonder: Pyramid of Cheops
New unit: artifact


New units: Senator, Roman senator and diplomat (Bronze - Modern)
New button: to change to the Bronze Age
New Units: Chinese Infantry, Legionnaire, immortal Persian royal guard and court jester.
New graphics: Archer elephant, tower, wall, door and temple
New units: Boat catapult bronze, trojan horse and scorpion
New Chart: bronze boat transport
New buttons: Babylonian tower, coliseum, lighthouses Lighthouse, Temple of Zeus, pyramide and Library of Alexandria, step change Dark Ages
New Chart: Citizens / as bronze age - dark
Increase Attack: bronze catapult Boat


New building Mosque
New units: infantry and cavalry Arabic
New graphics: javelin, compound archer / short / long war elephant and archer.


New Hero: Achilles
New units: Galo Guerrero, Boat Catapult Medieval Court Jester and huskarl
New button: Middle Ages
Increased attack, life and cost: Medieval catapult Boat
New graphics: towers / wall / door, long sword, horse archer, knight and cataphracta


New GUI: (Renaissance - Space)
New units: Arcabuz Ashikagu and Spanish Tercio
New button: Renaissance
New textures: Royal Cuirassier policeman
New graphics: Port, Factory siege weapons and alarbadero
Boat medieval catapult: also appear in the Renaissance.
New boat hero: Golden Hind (Renaissance - Imperial) cost increases to 300 wood and 300 gold.


New graphics: Barracks, tower / wall / door / walls, and Capitol College
New units: Cavalry and Third Spanish Spanish
New graphics: Imperial battleship and transport
New Wonder: Lighthouse
Duck: Duke of welligton (A train in Faro)


New graphics: Church, industrial age button, Dragon and imperial cuirassier
New units: Battleship Agincourt, British Infantry and Hussar.

Atomic Age WWI

New building Barricade (Barrera Antitank) [WWI - Modern]
New Unit: C-47 Aircraft [WWI - Modern]
New button: Age WWI
New aircraft hero: Red Baron
New buttons and graphics: Red Baron, Plane Sopwhith, Fokker, Sopwith Hunting, Gotha, Mortar, Head of Radio, Sniper, Medic, Machine Gun, MKV, A7V, and Half-track Antiaircraft Truck
Added: new transport ship LST in ages [WW1 - Modern] and increased its limit (20-40) and increased its cost (50 to 100 gold)

WWII Atomic Age

New units: Radio Officer, Infantry, German machine guns, Engineer, truck, car Japanese Zero and staff.
New graphics: Artillery and anti-tank gun
Changes Attack: Anti-Aircraft Half-track climbs from 50 to 130, fixed 88mm AA rises from 25 to 100
New Hero: German Official
New Button: Button WWII
New Graphics: Cruiser, Battleship Birmarck, Prophet, ME-262, P-51, B-17, Sherman, Panzer, Aircraft Carrier Enterprise
New units: P-38, FW-190, ME-110, ME-109, Spitfire, Stuka, Japanese carrier with zero hunting, Catalina and Intrepid
New textures: American and Japanese aircraft carrier
New Buttons: zero, ME-262, P-51, B-17, B-52 and Typhoon
New wonder: Radar Center
New buildings: Missile Base, Bamboo Tower and Wall
New carrier capacity: Enterprise increase their capacity 15-20
Uploaded attack aircraft carriers (12-15)
New buildings: Bamboo Wall and Tower.

Modern Era

New graphics and buttons: King of the Sea, B-2, B-52, F-15, F-118, Chinook, Apache helicopter gunship, M1, Leopard, Marine and Bazooka
New Ediciós: Fortin, Fence, Eiffel Tower, Palace Buckimham, Tent, Miranete, Moai, Olmeca, Torreón and Asian House
New units: Hero Huftman Durer Durer and Prophet
Helicopter transport: will be called by its original name CH-47 Chinook.
Increased capacity: Helicopter carrying modern transportation population (10-15)
Uploaded attack: the F-14 (105-130)

Digital Age

New button: Digital Age and Sentinel
New graphics: Barracks, Wall / Door / Tower, Wharf, Church and Sentinel
New units: riot police and Missile Trooper
New Graphics Helicopter: Spectre AT and Cañorero Reaper
New portaavione Increased capacity: nexus goes from 15 to 25
Uploaded attack: the Avenger (120-150)
New hero: black robe Official

Nano Age

New units: UFO, unity of command and Hoover Tank
New buildings: Missile Base (Nano Design) and Time Machine

Space Age

New Chart: Space Battleship
Uploaded attack: Hunting Space (175-225)
Increase attack and life space battleship [200 -> 350] [8000 -> 12500]
More capacity: space transportation (30-45)


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