This mod catapults Empire at War into 2019. It maintains the game's design philosophy, while adding new units, better graphics, and deeper gameplay.

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More accurate/informative HP descriptions
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Jeroen(imo) Author

Some more minor updates of the past few days:

ISD 1 hero Predominant added, unlocked when you have a academy.
Predominant is Grand Admiral Zaarin's ship, he is a normal fleet commander (admiral rank) and instead of TIE Fighters he spawns TIE Bizarros.

Zaarin now comes with 2 captain fleet commanders in their vindicators, meaning Zaarin's ship has a full command structure of an admiral and 2 captains. Cost and pop cap increased to match the new force.

The Acclamator assault ship has seen it's heavy torpedoes replaced with heavy missiles. This should be a little more balanced, the 4 torpedoes the Acclamator fired did 4800 damage in total, now that is brought down to 1200. It used to be a super heavy armor cracker, this should fit its role a little better.

All missile and proton torpedo hardpoints now have a slight inaccuracy. They still target track, but they are no longer guaranteed hit.
Heavy missile launchers have substantially more inaccuracy, and are now no longer
Profundity torpedoes now targetable, total ship health remains the same.
All hardpoints now have the proper death explosions, before they all had the laser death sound.

Missiles are now sped up slightly to differentiate them from torpedoes more, both missiles and torpedoes now have lower rate of turn to better simulate momentum.

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Intereating chouce for Zaarin. Would have thought you would use the Glory. Why the TIE Bizarros?

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Hardpoint descriptions how state the caliber and number of projectiles per shot, as well as any special effects and total damage per projectile. I hope this helps inform people on the effectiveness of weapons ingame.

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