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This is a mod for EAW - Forces of Corruption. In this mod you'll find new Units and a total conversed Gameplay. Hundreds of Fighters, SDs and all other Units out of the original EAW - Forces of Corruption. And, if everything works, you'll soon be able to play as Tau'ri against Star Wars factions. (Could still take a while)

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...but this time for Forces of Corruption. I have to start over again and I need your point of view concerning several ideas.

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Well, as many of you might know, I will recode the mod for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption.
It simply is easier to get a third faction, as there already is a third faction. So....
In the beginning I just thought "Damn!!!" as there is no good news concerning moving the mod over to FoC.
I had to start all over again but at least I got the possibility to get a few things fixed that I just messed up the first try.
So....You won't have any failures concerning the showing up of certain units.
Furthermore I got some new ideas concerning units of the rebellion.

-Mixed units:
-Blue Squadron: 1Y-Wing, 1A-Wing,1X-Wing
-Green Squardon: 1Y-Wing, 2X-Wings
-Yellow Squadron: 1X-Wing(capable of firing Proton-torpedoes), 2A-Wings
-more ideas would be appreciated

-Units that are only buildable by sending ground units(ONLY an idea)
you send an AT-AT for a ground attack
the rebel's space station is level 2
So, the rebellion gets 2-3 Nebulon-B frigates and the Empire get's a Stardestroyer and 2-3 Tartan cruisers.

The idea behind this is:
Normal Ground units get not send through the hyperspace.
Stardestroyers hold a garnison base and a ground invasion fleet. (read in jedipedia)
For that it would only make sense to send a landing party in a stardestroyer. as this doesn't work yet (sending units in other units in Spacecombat) this is only an idea. (could be possible, have yet to figure out) The thing is: then building spaceunits would get obsolete in Campaign mode.
Well, it is only an idea and I would only follow it if there was the want for it.

And yet another idea:
IF you own a pirate's base in skirmish, would you like to be able to rebuild you spacestation?
It often happens that one faction is just attacking another factions starbase as they as well attack yours.
So.. it would be neat if you had a reserve for it, wouldn't it?
It would cost a massive amount of credits and would take a long time to build but at least you would have it, or not?

So long with this update concerning the mod itself.
As some of you may have noticed, the mod's homepage is currently down. It is for a reason.
I am currently thinking about recreating it as I made the page:
1. two years ago
2. when I had NO skill in HTML.

So, would you like to get it redone?
If yes, what would you like on it?
What not?
Feedback is important to me as only then I can make it as you wish it to be.

Well, that's it for now and I hope for your feedback.
Hope you guys have a nice weekend and/or nice holidays.

John_N447 Author

Yeah moddb, new record, 12 hours until admin authorizatioln...I am impressed -.-

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so wait you have to initiate ground combat to build at at? or something like that? and garrision SD for a space station? kinda makes sense actualy since they always seemed to one at their space stations lol or am i reading this wrong?

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John_N447 Author

no, it is thought to be that way.
As I think they always made games the way so that everyone could play it.
It may make sense to first send a space fleet and let the ground forces wait until it is safe for them but it kinda destroys the sense of the land battles as you could as well just attack the planet with the deathstar and destroy the planet.
That makes the deathstar way more important to the empire than it should be and therefor the empire doesn't use it's groundunits at all after a certain point.

the AT-AT itself would be built in the campaign map.
You send it as you would senbd a space fleet but when you approach an planet you get spaceunits. those are the groundunits OR they are their escort ships.
For example the AT-AT would be IN a stardestroyer as these carry the AT-ATs in the deep space.
Other units would be in Lambda shuttles or other hyper space able ships.

Anyways thank you for reading the news and as far as you have any questions, just feel free to ask.

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so you get a free sd with every at at? haha that would be sweet but yea im real anxious for this mod to get up and going hmm if your concerned about number of factions you could probably try to contact thrawns revenge mod team as they've got several factions out of nothing if that helps lol

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John_N447 Author

Well, I'l give it a try. Although I will ask them about the factions when I am ready to add a new faction as I still have to add a lot of things and functions.
First of all I will have to get the game morew realistic but have to find a balance nethertheless.
But I hereby promise that it will neither a rock-paper-scissor nor a system with same strength-per-unitclass.
I am currently working on it and I think that I can upload some videos in the next hours.

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i think certain ones should have a great feature like way above the rest but one flaw like having huge guns but bad shielding vice versa things like that good idea? though that wouldnt really work for capitals all that well...

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I like but may I add 1 thing, I think u should include Super Star Destroyers and say they have 2-3 invasion fleets, maybe more.

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I want a mod where you have all the extra ssd and what not those other ones look way more fun but the only ones who seem to add in I cannot input it to the game to play I know I'm doing something wrong but you might wanna think of adding in those fun lil units you never relaly see I mean there is what like 30 different isd variants? lol k good luck on the new mod

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