The Elves have many advantages and disadvantages, some of them are:
High HP - Elves are immortal so they have high HP.
High Armour - Elves love shaping metals and armour so all elves have atleast 5 armour.
Long LOS - Elves have keen eyesight so they can see a far way of.
Strong Attacks - Elves Use intricate weapons that can deal alot of damage to enemy units.

Slow Build and Train Rate - Due to decorating thier buildings elves work on a building making them take longer to build. Elven arts are hard to master and elves reproduce slowly as a consequence thier units take longer to train than other factions.
Expensive Units - Elves use expensive metals for their armour and as a result their units are expensive.
Weak Buildings - Elven Biuldings are mostly made of wood, so they are moderatly weaker than those of the other factions.

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0.8 Released.

News 1 comment


+ Ent
+ Wise Elf
+ Minstrel
+ Sanctuary
+ Silver Helm Lancer
+ Prince
+ Gryphon Rider
+ Huorn
+ Noldor Armour.
+ Noldor Weapons.
- Beast Taming.
Elven Taming Lore/(now) Taming Song.
Lore and Song/Elven Lore.
Corral Gryphon Nest Extention.
Removed Song resource and added Grace.
Changed all building models.
Removed Plant ability from elf.
Changed Elf model.
Added Corral Gryphon Nest Extention.
Changed Wood Hall and Lore House icons.
Changed icon color to 9cc2cb.
Improved Some Unit Textures.
Changed Gryphon model.
Minor fixes.
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Imladris Forest - Elven Tileset beta

Imladris Forest - Elven Tileset beta

Full Version

This is a tileset to accompany the elves faction. it has new tree models and textures. Place in the Tilesets folder. Enjoy.

Elves 0.8

Elves 0.8

Full Version 2 comments

The latest release includes all units and brand new building models. Unfortunately the AI doesn't work.

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