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"An exception has occured..." (Games : Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption : Mods : Elite's Conflict Mod : Forum : Bugs and Errors : "An exception has occured...") Locked
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Sep 15 2017 Anchor

When I launch game with this mod it crashes. Then this popular error shows. Who can help me?

Exception in thread 2174 - Main Thread
The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.
Attempt to read from address 00000018

Exception occurred at 00996ADE - Unknown code pointer

Stack walk:
009971FC : Unknown

Register dump:
Eip:00996ADE Esp:017AF498 Ebp:00000003
Eax:00000000 Ebx:00010101 Ecx:00000690
Edx:0000041A Esi:00000000 Edi:00000002
CS:0023 SS:002b DS:002b ES:002b FS:0053 GS:002b

Bytes at CS:EIP (00996ADE): 83 78 18 10 72 05 8B 40 04 EB 03 83 C0 04 50 68 20 C9 AD 00 68 AC C7 AD 00 E8 24 BB FC FF 56 68 04 C9 AD 00 68 AC C7 AD 00 E8 14 BB FC FF 55 68 E8 C8 AD 00 68 AC C7 AD 00 E8 04 BB FC FF 57 68

Stack Dump:

017AF498: 00000000
017AF49C: 72A14360
017AF4A0: 017AF5EC
017AF4A4: 01524001
017AF4A8: 0000041A
017AF4AC: 00000690
017AF4B0: 00000000
017AF4B4: 00000003
017AF4B8: 00000002
017AF4BC: 01010101
017AF4C0: 00000000
017AF4C4: 3F800000
017AF4C8: 3F800000
017AF4CC: 00000003
017AF4D0: 3F800000
017AF4D4: 00000690
017AF4D8: 0000041A
017AF4DC: 00000000
017AF4E0: 00000000
017AF4E4: 00000003
017AF4E8: 00000002
017AF4EC: 01010101
017AF4F0: 00000000
017AF4F4: 3F800000
017AF4F8: 3F800000
017AF4FC: 00000003
017AF500: 3F800000
017AF504: 00000690
017AF508: 0000041A
017AF50C: 00000000
017AF510: 009971FC
017AF514: 00000001
017AF518: 01524001
017AF51C: 00000000
017AF520: 0041C3A0
017AF524: 00000000
017AF528: 00000000
017AF52C: 000206FA
017AF530: 00000000
017AF534: 00000690
017AF538: 0000041A
017AF53C: 0000003C
017AF540: 00010001
017AF544: 00A35190
017AF548: 01524001
017AF54C: 00043900
017AF550: 0000BE88
017AF554: 0000BCE0
017AF558: 02D82000
017AF55C: 04712000
017AF560: 02D82000
017AF564: 10DD90E7
017AF568: 017AF5EC
017AF56C: 005760B7
017AF574: 017AF580
017AF578: 00000028
017AF57C: 72A14360
017AF580: 00000028
017AF584: 0041CCE0
017AF588: 00000000
017AF58C: 00000690
017AF590: 0000041A
017AF594: 0000003C

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