This mod adds new skins, new weapons and make vehicles stronger hope you enjoy the mod.

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Its finally here for the people to download enjoy the mod any problems or questions just leave a comment or its just easier to pm me too

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Here is what the mod will contain, and once again all the credit goes to the creators of the mod I had nothing to do with making this mod at all dont thank me thank them maybe you can thank me for bringing it to this site which is just about it.

List Of Units:Republic:Ep3 Pilot
Improved Arc Caster
Melee attack
(2) Fusion Cutter
(2) Thermal DetonatorsorJedi Padawan
(2) Fusion Cutter
(2) Force Push---------------------------------
ARC trooper
DC-17 rifle
Plex-1 Missle Launcher
(2) Electro-Magnetic Pulse Grenades
(2) Grappling HookJet Trooper
Electro-Magnetic Pulse Launcher
DC-15S Carbine
(2) Flamethrower
(2) Thermal DetonatorsGalactic Marine
Shoulder-Mounted Prototype Z-6 Rotary Cannon
DC-15S Carbine
(2) Orbital Strike
(2) Health/Ammo DispenserClone Commando
DC-17m Rifle
DC-17m Sniper Attachment
DC-17m Anti-Armor Attachment
(2) Sonic Detonators(Hero) Arc Trooper Captain Fordo
Plex-1 Missle Launcher
DC-17 Rifle
(2) Melee Attack
(2) Sonic DetonatorsSeperatists:Super Battle Droid
Wrist Blaster
Improved Tri-Shot
(2) Wrist RocketsMagnaGuard
Rocket Launcher
(2) Thermal DetonatorsSecurity Droid
E-5 Rifle
Sniper Rifle
(2) Orbital Strike
(2) Health/Ammo DispenserPilot Geonosian
Silenced Sonic Blaster
Radiation Grenade Launcher
(2) Fusion Cutter
(2) Thermal DetonatorsDroideka
Repeating Blasters
(2) Improved Shield(Hero) OOM-9
E-5 Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Rocket Launcher
(2) Health/Ammo DispenserImperials:Stormtrooper
E-11 Carbine
Missle Launcher
(2) Thermal Detonators
(2) Concussion GrenadesShock Trooper
T-21 Rifle
E-11 Carbine
(2) Thermal Detonators
(2) Breach ChargesOfficer
Mortar Launcher
(2) Orbital Strike
(2) Health/Ammo DispenserDark Trooper
Blast Cannon
(2) Fusion Cutter
(2) Thermal DetonatorsStorm Commando
Sniper Rifle
(2) Thermal Detonators
(2) Vibro KnifeRebels:Vanguard
DH-17 Carbine
HH-15 Missle Launcher
(2) Thermal Detonators
(2) Vibro KnifeSpec Ops
A280 Rifle
Commando Pistol
(2) Breach Charges
(2) Thermal DetonatorsPilot
Blast Cannon
Commando Pistol
(2) Fusion Cutter
(2) Health/Ammo DispenserBothan Spy
Stouker's Concussion Rifle
Disguise Kit
Sniper Rifle
(2) Grappling HookWookie Warrior
Grenade Launcher
(2) Thermal Detonator
(2) Orbital StrikeTusken Raiders:
Tusken Rifle
Gaffi StickJawas:
Arc Caster
(2) Fusion Cutter
(2) Ammo dispenserNotes:
The Geonosian's Fusion Cutter Repairs Droids.
The Imperial Officer Has New Skins
The Bothan Spy Has New skins
The Breach Charges Are Set To Go Off When You Press Reload. Place As Many As You Want (Up To 100), Then Hit Reload To Detonate Them.
Force Push Is Localized As 0x. No Idea Why As It Appears In Other Side Mods...
The ARC gunship, Vulture Droid, Tie Fighter, AT-ST, And HailFire Droid Have Had Major Changes.
Hoth Does Not Work With This Mod. However, The Realism Mod By Eisenfaust ( ) Comes With A Hot1 Folder To Put In Your Addon Folder That DOES Work... However, Dumb Copyright Stuff Means I Can't Zip It Up With My Mod.
All Tusken Raiders Now Use A Weapon Similiar To The Rebel's A280... Except When You Have About 30 Raiders Shooting At You, You Tend To Go Down Quick. Beware Them. And Also Give Their Gaffi Sticks Wide Berths.

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