Ehrlia: Summerwheel is a massive single player story-driven FPS that is a RAGE total conversion game (with plans to highly modify the engine). Follow a Foxconn worker. Street race highways in Beijing China, fight a war in the deserts of India, escape on a cargo ship, and meet a bunch of hippies on an island, and then... a large world-shattering twist that takes all of the characters beyond their experiences of reality and sanity. Ehrlia: Sunwheel will be updated every week, and plans to be 8-10 hours in length, with multiplayer deathmatch and class based warfare modes alongside a sprawling single player experience similar to games like Rage, the New Order and Dishonored.

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In this article, I discuss what I have been up to, and I upload a couple of screenshots of work done on a racing level, and one of the tutorials from the Rage Toolkit tutorial videos. Also included are links to a three part tutorial on how to use the Rage Toolkit and the basics of Idtech5 and the rage directory.

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I've been extremely busy on developing this game, and in the last couple of weeks, I've accomplished some things worth noting:

- Studying the Rage engine

- Making tutorial videos

- Starting work on a racing level

- Compiling Icedtech MD6 exporter and fooling around with the models.

- Completion of a few weapon models in lightwave and a few new pieces of concept art around levels, weapons and much more. This will all be included in the next post.

- Creating a website.

However, in this post in particular, I wanted to give back to the community, and spread some of the knowledge I've been learning over the past little while. I've uploaded a few videos that give demonstrations of the features of the Rage toolkit and walk users through the locations of directories and then how to make a functioning map that uses assets from these directories in the form of lights, colored lights, models, sky, water, particles, and foliage.

In the next couple of videos after this, I will post tutorials on how to create terrain in lightwave import it, how to convert models to bm6, animate them, and use def files to connect textures. I will also demonstrate how to create a terrain file in common modelling programs and then we will be adding foliage and clipping to it in Megaedit.

A couple of high res images from the engine of levels demonstrated in the three tutorial videos:




much appreciated what you are doing with these tutorial videos. keep them coming. also excited about your mod. regards.

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ethan371 Author

More coming soon. Thanks for the comment. Check out the new website for the game:

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