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We are looking for new members for our graphics department!

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Greetings, companions of Edain!

Today we are making two announcements concerning the Edain Team itself directly. First, we are excited to welcome Photti into the ranks of the Edain Team. He will focus on the War of the Ring gamemode and not only improve its playability, but introduce new features and elements to it.

We believe that Photti's skillset will benefit the mod tremendously and we are looking forward to working together!

As for the second part of this announcement, we are looking towards the Misty Mountains, which are our biggest project for the upcoming version 4.6. This project still requires a lot of work, especially in the graphics department. And because several senior members of our team stopped modding in the last years, we are looking for new recruits. To speed up our progress, we are looking for talented members of our community to support us in the areas of animations, models, skins and image editing. It's not required to be skilled in all of these areas. A good amount of basic knowledge and experience is sufficient. We have experienced members able to help and teach you - it is possible and also highly likely that you're going to keep learning after joining the team. So don't shy away from applying because you fear you might not be good enough, your motivation and dedication are just as important.

You should meet the following requirements:

  • At least good basic knowledge in at least one of these four areas:
    • Animations
      • Access to proper software (3ds Max, RenX/gmax, Blender)
      • Creation of new animations for units/heroes
      • Creation of new animations for the construction and destruction of buildings
    • Modelling
      • Access to proper software (3ds Max, RenX/gmax, Blender)
      • Creation of models for units, heroes or buildings
      • Linking animated models to pre-existing animation sets
    • Skinning
      • Access to proper software (Adobe Photoshop, GIMP)
      • Creation of new textures/skins for pre-existing models
      • Editing of pre-existing textures/skins
    • Image Editing
      • Access to proper software (Adobe Photoshop, GIMP)
      • Creation and editing of graphic material and images
  • In addition to that, we value the following traits:
    • You are an active part of the Edain community
    • You have enough time and motivation to actively contribute to Edain
    • You are a teamplayer
    • You can speak either German or English
    • You have a good eye for aesthetics
    • You are willing to learn and work on your skills

If you are interested, please send a message to a member of the Edain Team either here or on the Modding Union. Include a piece of your work that gives us insight into your skillset - ideally this would be a complete animation, a model, a texture or something similar.
This is your chance to become a full member of the Edain Team, so get in touch! We are looking forward to your messages!

Your Edain-Team


If you need some models for the Misty mountais, i have some new models, if you want i am willing to help.

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FG15 Creator

Thanks a lot.
I wrote you a PM concerning the topic.

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MorguLord, someone who is still here after so many years, someone who was able to compete with Edain, AoE and other mods (last year he made it to top 100 in Moty), someone whose models are dedicated to movies and mainly someone who like Ea is skilful in 80% of the mod stuff ...
would be extremely valuable Edain team member who would represent entire international community ... or at least betatester/consultant ... I really glad to see him around here :o)

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Glad to see that 4.6 is seriously on the way

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I was wondering if, perhaps, since a lot of voice files were removed in the last patch, the Team might be interested in some voice-overs for the units who lost voices. I could do maybe Aranarth and Theodred (haven't seen what other sound files were removed yet)

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FG15 Creator

We are planning to add voice overs in the future with the help of the community.

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