This is a single player adventure taking place not too far in the future, it combines 1st person action with some puzzle challenges. It is meant to be hard in the beginning as it is quite fast playthrough. I would not want to spoil the plot, so not gonna make any big salespitch. You will need to master the crowbar to beat it, have fun and let me know what you think. Requires Half-Life 2 and the free steam tool "Source SDK base 2006" to play. No episodes required or anything else. Now updated to ver 1.1. Found a bug. - Enemy models changes to wrong model. The only fix I found was to restart the map in console.

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OJJ0874 says

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I played this mod not expecting anything great, but the list of complaints and bugs became so large I had to write a whole page of notes on things this mod does wrong, also to anyone reading this before playing: Spawn a gravity gun, it makes the mod much more bearable.
So to start off this mod gives you a charming image of a dead body and a scroll of text to give the backstory of the mod, detailing that the ebola virus has turned everyone into zombies so the mod starts out looking promising, then we get a custom dialogued scene with some guy who looks like Kleiner with a fake moustache, the first problem came here, no subtitles and the voice acting was so quiet that it was hard to make out what he was saying, but thankfully the game gave an objective but the objective was only displayed for 3 seconds so it might be easy to miss for other players.
The game then gives a crowbar and I accidently hit Kleiner, he died so I assumed I failed the game, but the mod doesn't restart so I decided to reload the mod incase I broke anything, putting in a game reset is not hard.
So after a while you're faced with toxic water, naturally I tried to avoid it, but apparently it does no damage even though Half Life tells you to avoid that water like a plague, so why not just use normal water for that section?

Onto the next map now and from here on out trust me when you'll be playing nothing but lifted HL2 maps, why make a backstory to your mod when all you're going to do is lift random HL2 maps that make no sense when put together like a frankenstine's monster? On this map quality really drops too, the whole map is literally the same as Ravenholm's trainyard but with literally over a hundred zombies chasing you with nothing but a crowbar. It's worth mentioning at this point that the mod uses SMOD, a mod renowned for it's improved combat, so why have SMOD and place hundreds of zombies if you wont let the player fight them in a fun way with all the great weapons from SMOD instead of having to lag your way to the end of the line with nothing but a crowbar?
So you get to the point where Triage at dawn usually plays in HL2 but the room is such a clusterfuck of zombies that you have no time to stop and think about where to go, in the original game the door on the far end of the room usually opens for you so I dashed towards that thinking I could open the door, but it doesn't so I got killed by zombies it took me a while of spawning a gravity gun to kill every zombie on the map thinking the door would open, but it doesn't so it took me ages to finally use the gravity gun on the window, which smashed it (even though I swear I hit it with the crowbar multiple times before doing this and it didn't break)
Then there's a keypad with a hint saying "brute force the keypad" so any sane person would think to hit the crowbar on the keypad, I tried to do this but nothing happened, it turns out that there is a way of inputting a code into it but there was no hint other than to hit it with the crowbar so in the end I did "Ent_remove" on the door to continue the game, in the room I found the guy I was looking for and a magnum (which would've come in handy much earlier than this) The game then gives no further objective so I assumed I was supposed to go back to Kleiner, so it took me ages of WALKING ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE START OF THE MOD only to find him just walking back and forth doing and saying nothing so I assumed then that I was instead supposed to go through the door next to the guy's body even though it was locked, so I began my way all the way back to the trainyard only to find that the door has inexplicably turned to concrete where the loading screen was supposed to be.
At this point I assumed I broke the game so I decided to enter "map 1b" into the console only to find I WAS SUPPOSED TO BACKTRACK AND THE CORRECT MAP HADN'T LOADED.
(review continued in comments due to chracter cap)


Xazid says

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The mod is pretty A+ for a near first mod that borrows materials from Outbreak. I enjoyed it. It was no where near perfect but it was good and I hope to see more mods from you in the future, I did not how ever get to read the lore which was disappointing in the start.


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