Easthaven+, a new mod aimming to extend the play of Icewind Dale. A lot of fun extras have been thrown into the game for fun, as well as some extra RP characters, that are following their own campaign to rid evil or good from Easthaven, and the world that makes Icewind Dale. Modified weapons, monsters, spells, skills and characters are what this mod is all about. Easthaven+ brings all this and more into the game. With this as well, there is a set of game rules, allowing the player to reach higher levels, and see skill progression reach a new level (literally). Easthaven+ is in terms a free expansion for Icewind Dale.

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Hey guys, so it's here. The pilot version of Easthaven+ for Icewind Dale. Now, keep in mind it's still in development and there is tons of room to do in terms of expanding. This is simply the first entry in doing so.

Easthaven+ is in terms a free expansion pack to Icewind Dale. Currently, in the base pack and or first release, there is 6 pre-made role playing characters to venture into Icewind Dale and triumpth. 2 of these characters are monsters from the game. Added sort of as a joke. The characters are the Goblin and the Troll. Fun little critters to play with!

Other than the characters, there is also the level 40 game rules. New experience table which allows the player to obtain level 40.

Dark Lord and his trusted advisors Easthaven+
The Edge This is who i roll with...
Easthaven+ The Edge

What to expect from the mod in upcoming releases

  • Spells can reach level 8 or 9
  • Additional premade RP characters
  • 13+ New weapons and armors
  • "Double" Mode (all enemies have double hp and attack)
  • Additional conversations with NPCs
  • Much more...

With tall this being said! Enjoy...

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Easthaven+ Base Pack v0.4

Easthaven+ Base Pack v0.4

Full Version

The first public release and base for what is to come. Dark Character Pack, Monster Pack + Level 40 Game rules. v0.4 Please leave feedback and comments...


Dude, this is one of my all-time favorite games, but it doesn't have any re-playability. If you're adding content, I better go install it again :D

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