Countless generations have passed since the time of the great kingdoms, since the plagues swept back and forth across Calradia. Now superstitious tribes wage war on each other as a cruel Empire and Kingdom rise, eager to subjugate and spread their ideals.

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Known Bugs/Issues



I'm just going to throw this up here to keep track of problems as they arise, I know what some of you are thinking," Why didm't he use the Module System?" I tried 5 times to setup python since I decided to five modding a go. I've done everything with Morgh's Editor, OpenBRF, paintNET and my music software.

anyway ze buggies/uglies -

I've had one report of someone not being able to start the Module up - "unable to open file:CommonRes/coop_extra_ui_textures.brf", If anyone else has this let me know although It could have something do with steam, I may have to make somekind of modified module.ini file for non steam users, If I can narrow the problem down.

Incomplete Scenes, Incomplete AI Meshes (sieges most importantly), I've already completed 3 or 4 than are in the original alpha and this'll likely be a while as AI meshes are tough to test,

Bandits only engaging the player 1 party at a time (this problem, would need someone who knows scripts.txt editing, such people do exist but haven't been online on the taleworlds forum for YEARS,) there may be a way to decompile the mod as it's built ontop of native, fix the mod and recompile it but again that'd require the help of a python adept.

Ladies clothing overiders - some ladies seem to be hardcoded to wear certain stuff regardless of if its in their troop inventory,

Two lords share a banner, this is a problem I think may even be in native although I'm not sure.

there will be typos galore, I did this in notepad but they are easy to find and fix as I come across them in futher testing.

Balance is probably way out of whack on the campaign map, not actually sure what'll happen with regards to which factions need toning down/up

If anyone has anymore let me know and I'll add them, fix them if I'm able or seek the help of the higher masters if they prove to be beyond me.

Thanks for any reports,

OSP Credits

OSP Credits


Thanks to the following excellent individual's OSPS:

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DDACprealpha - ENGLISH language only

DDACprealpha - ENGLISH language only

Demo 6 comments

Just a pre-alpha, hoping a code wizard can help me with strings.txt editing to iron out some issues see the other below for more. much unfinished (AI...


i´ve got the same problem: unable to open file:CommonRes/coop_extra_ui_textures.brf my version of the game is 1.168 and i play offline, i´m not a steam user. do you find any solution for that?

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twinsens Creator

I've been looking through forums, there seems to be a problem with non-steam versions of the game running mods devolved by a steam user (that could be the cause, possibly)

anyway I can think of one hacky thing and turned up one result from another mod -
"Posted by spartacus2255 on Feb 22nd, 2017 - Basic Other

1. Go to your native folder like this one not modules C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband
2. Back up your common res folder and textures folder please im not responsible for breaking your game!
3.Go into my mods module folder copy everything in resources and paste it in common res folder
4. Go into my mods module folder copy everything in textures folder and paste in textures folder of your main mount and blade warband textures folder if it asks to overwrite a file please do ITS IMPORTANT YOU DO!
Boot up the game select my mod
Have fun"

no idea if that'll work as I'm running the steam version.

here's one direct from my own ****** head though -

make a path identical to the steam install path, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband" pop all the data from your warband folder into that (modules and all) and try,

Also I'd be remiss if I didn't ask.. you are running WARBAND? not the original m&b because that'll throw up the same error.

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yes last updated and i'm not on steam.

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This is probably one of the coolest mods ive seen in a long time. The setting and atmosphere of a tribal calradia is so refreshing and new. If I had any notes after playing it for 6 hours is that I found after you defeat some Elgante slavers and get their Armour combat seemed easier so I would give them instead of mail a more renaissance appearance more akin to the ol' mod new Elgante. But overall I thought it was fantastic especially for pre-alpha. Much more content than I would have expeted.

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twinsens Creator

Ah, glad you enjoyed playing around, also bonus points for noticing the Elgante reference! it's my favorite mod alongside Byrtenwalda, had to pay homage to the original tribal masterpiece.

In an ideal world I'd love to work on finishing New Elgante but the author hasn't been seen in a looong time, I tried adding them on steam even but being some random they probably just declined it, which is understandable.

as for the question of heavy armor, the factions are balanced that the 'tribal' factions have better stat lines and varying degrees of the lightest armors, the Sarani middle stats/middle equipment, the empire heavy equipment but pisspoor troops, aside from Nobles.

I'll take a look at the slavers though, next time I'm doing meshes I'll try making something new for them.

if you have anymore feedback leave it here, I'm still working on this everyday in some capacity.

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don't work


unable to open file:CommonRes/coop_extra_ui_textures.brf


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twinsens Creator

I'm trying to find out about your problem, is your warband fully updated?

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