Dystopia is a is a total conversion of the Source Engine that places players into tense combat situations in a high-tech world spanned by computer networks. As Punks or Corporate Mercenaries, players will fight through the physical world to gain access, via Jack-in Points, to cyberspace. Cyberspace is a three dimensonal representation of the world's network. In cyberspace, players must fight off enemy hackers and launch programs to gain control of critical systems and to affect the physical world. Gameplay progresses through inter-linked physical and cyberspace objectives, and players must work together to achieve victory for their team. Players will be immersed in action-packed battles, whether as a heavily augmented combat mercenary armed to the teeth with the latest in firepower and cybernetic implants, or as a twitch-reflex cyberdecker racing to infiltrate a cyberspace node.

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June Update with the coveted version 1.2 changelog and new art assets for our first map, dys_vaccine.

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It's become a tradition, of sorts, for Team Dystopia to release changelogs of our next release ahead of time. I feel a small sense of pride, that like my predacessors, I get to show you the hard work these people have been doing in the last months. It's also become a tradition that our changelogs are always so large and informative, it's a breath of fresh air to be able to say that our next version will be better than ever.

Many hours of hard work go into creating this product for our fans to enjoy. Level designers like termi, twincannon, feanix, our very talented artist Spire and everyone in between deserves an ovation for their content. We've shown you in the last few months our greatest changes to maps and beautiful art assets.

However, this time, the credit goes to our programmers. Without the help of our lead coder hyphen-ated and the gifted Mandibull, we surely would be up a creek without a paddle. I like to joke that we have our own nanites on the team. Maybe blood. Defenitely sweat. Perhaps tears. It all goes in to making such a well polished product. Keep in mind, this is a shaved version of the changelog, and does not include all changes, especially ones still to come! A special thanks goes out to our Associate Producer Warsprite and Taara (yes, he's #1) for their great help compiling the massive changelog.
And now, I present, the version 1.2 changelog.

- Autoexec.cfg should now automatically execute scripts properly.
- Fixed some minor spelling errors in the console feedback messages. (Issue #1064)
- A new console command, swap_teams has been added. This replaces round_restart.
- The round_restart command has been removed. For clarification, many console variables will undergo changes in order to make a uniform standard easy to understand for new server admins.
- Mp_startdelay now only applies right after the map loads and a new variable, mp_rounddelay applies after a new round or map_restart.

- Added emotes using "/me" command.
- Changed scoreboard to show classes and implants dead players have when they spawn.
- Spawning HUD now has enough room for the full seven implants that a light can take (Issue #658)
- The option to have blue IFF for Corps and red IFF for punks during normal play has been added.

- Caut-IFF, or Caution IFF, appears around players who are cortexing and friendly grenades.
- Caut-IFF appears as an orange circle that pulses.
- Added IFF Boxes around friendly EMP and Explosive grenades.
- Added Spawn Timer
- Removed ability to walk
- Cortex only explodes if enemies are in range; if friendly players are around it will create a small explosion with minimal damage; if no players are around, it will explode normally.
- Assist points are now given to a player during death as well.
- Spawn times now decrease for the attacking team if that team has not captured any objectives for a substantial amount of time.
- Fixed a bug where user could not fire boltgun secondary immediately after firing primary.
- Fixed a bug where player would get 8 or 9 points for capturing an objective instead of 15 (Issue #923)
- Fixed a bug where if a player locked onto another player using Smartlocks, and then grabbed a ledge, the lock was lost. (Issue #1021)
- Fixed scoreboard objectives sometimes showing up from the previous round. (Issue #1106)
- Fixed a minor bug where the player was given a button-push arrow when cooking a grenade and looking at a screen. (Issue #1125)
- Fixed a bug where Smart lock pistols would stay locked on after death (Issue #1140)
- Fixed a bug where both teams would not spawn at the same time. (Issue #1227)
- Cloaked player visibility is now the same for every DirectX Level.
- Problems with leg booster sounds have been remedied. (Issue #1155, Issue #661, Issue #818)
- Crash when user is a spectator and using space bar to move to the next user is fixed.
- Turrets are no longer distracted by units they cannot properly hit
- Turrets now have a better distinction for when they are dead or disabled (Issue #809)
- Turrets now properly attack players who are decked in (Issue #1214)
- Spider Grenades, Tesla Balls, Debris or Area of Effect explosives no longer go through forcefields.
- Spider grenade explodes 1/5 of normal radius if it does not deploy.
- Spider grenades are now destroyed if stuck between doors.
- Spider mines should no longer get stuck in player's heads. (Issue #60)
- Fixed a bug where the objective lost sound would not play for defending corp teams. (Issue #1377)
- Players should no longer occasionally be able to see cybertrails in meatspace. (Issue #1236)
- Fixed an exploit where players could immediately capture the objective. (Issue #930)
- Fixed an unsafe reference to a variable that may have been causing spectating players to crash. (Issue #1135)
- Sprinting with legboosters while uncrouching should work properly now. (Issue #663)
- Buttons now only activate once per use instead of once per frame while you hold the use key.
- Fixed a bug where players would not spawn after death (Issue #978)
- Exploit where players can press buttons through solid objects fixed (Issue #932)
- Fixed a bug which caused the "objective lost" and "objective captured" sounds to overlap for some players. (Issue #778)
- Explosives should no longer cause ear-ringing.
- Ammo count for the smartlock pistols has been increased by 4 bullets per clip.
- The rate of fire on the MK-808 has been reduced.
- Basilisk secondary fire should now use 3 ammo instead of 4.
- Basilisk should now receive 10 ammo from the ammo dispenser instead of 9.
- The spread of the Basilisk primary fire has been tightened.
- The clip size of the Smartlock pistols has been increased to 30.
The button bug, which in version 1 appears 10% of the time when pressing a button, now appears roughly 0.1% of the time.

- Returned air control back to the way it was in Demo Update 4.
- Shaft damage has been increased from .75 to 1.0
- ICEMine damage has been increased from 30 to 50.
- ICEScan has been changed to ICEClean, which now removes GreenICE.
- GreenICE is now activated when players ICEBreak a GreenICEd wall.
- For balance reasons, it is no longer possible to have both GreenICE and an ICEMine on an ICEWall.
- Fixed bug where a cyber shard would occasionally appear from the victim of a player who is being spectated. (Issue #698)
- Fixed a screen/button pressing exploit (Issue #696)
- Fixed a problem where cyberspace deckers would not be able to move over 1 unit of height (Issue #1262)
- Players should now always be able to fire immediately after jacking in. (Issue #192)
- Fixed a bug where players could get stuck inside phantom ICE in cyberspace. (Issue #793)
- Fixed a bug where a player could create yellow ice. (Issue #798, Issue #1205)
- Removed the ability of players to run two cyberspace programs over each other. (Issue #1208)

- IFF Info now sees enemy light EMP grenades, and enemy medium grenades. (Caut-IFF)
- Mediplant is now turned off when user enters into cyberspace

- Fixed problem with round start time being set from wrong convar after map_restart (Issue #1293)
- Added console commands: muteid, unmuteid, callvote kickid, all operate on players based on their IDs as reported by "status" (this is for people with weird names)
- Server now ignores stats from a round if sv_cheats was ever 1. Server will start keeping track again if a round_restart is given.
- Added admin command balanceteams

- Enabled the possibility of draining only punks or only corps in cyber_drain trigger.
- In cyberspace, teleport destination angles are now respected
- Added spawn flag for dys_helper in order to mute the "beep".
- ForceSpawn should now happen to the team of the spawn entity, rather than the team of the player who triggered it.
- Added a "filtername" filter to all kinds of buttons.
- Support for color correction has been added.
Broadcast: Fixed some textures that were z-fighting with eachother. (Issues #379, Issue #1192)
Broadcast: Eliminated some left-over nodraw textures that were visible to players. (Issue #377)
Broadcast: Realigned the elevator doors for added pretty-factor. (Issue #1305)
Broadcast: The Corps must now maintain control of the interior spawn in order to destroy the broadcast server. (Issue #805, Issue #672)
Broadcast: It should no longer be possible to get stuck in the elevator doors. (Issue #1282)
Broadcast: Players should no longer get stuck under the elevator. The elevator has been fed peanuts, and is now less hungry. (Issue #605)
Broadcast: The Switchblade booze stash in the objective 3 area should no longer be causing physics lag when disturbed. (Issue #803)
Broadcast: Some errant nodraw textures were replaced with visible ones. (Issue #804)
Broadcast: The doors should no longer z-fight with the walls (Issue #1192)
Broadcast: Some minor z-fights elsewhere have also been resolved. (Issue #417, Issue #379)
Broadcast: It should no longer be possible spawncamp in the second corp spawn. (Issue #790, Issue #660)
Broadcast: The corp turret in the alleyway on the first objective has been relocated. (Issue #1199, Issue #666)
Broadcast: Corp server defense notices have been spellchecked. (Issue #911)
Broadcast: Textures in the vents have been realigned. (Issue #1193)
Broadcast: The DNA room spawn area should now have enough spawn pads for a full wave of 8 to spawn. (Issue #788)
Broadcast: The vents from the DNA room spawn to the associated JIP area have been replaced with a hallway for improved access.
Undermine: Pixelation on textures remedied. (Issue #780)
Undermine: Fixed lighting fixture problems. (Issue #782, Issue #781)
Undermine: Fixed bug where objective 1 turrets can target wrong team with map/round restart (Issue (#784)
Undermine: Fixed small exploit where cyber avatar could change wall orientation in places that made it hard to aim for attackers. (Issue #786)
Undermine: Fixed exploits where corps could get into punk spawns. (Issue #776, Issue #791)
Undermine: Fixed exploit where two players could go into an extraction unit at once. (Issue #689)
Undermine: Removed cyberdrain when disabling an EU in Undermine (Issue #792)
Undermine: Fixed parts where a player could see into the map geometry via ledgegrabbing models (Issue #58, Issue #1045, Issue #1033)
Undermine: Fixed zfighting issues on laser model. (Issue #1030)
Undermine: Fixed spawn camping EU3 exploit. (Issue #785)
Undermine: Ceiling models no longer express concrete material properties. (Issue #149)
Vaccine: The turrets at the second objective spawn now take longer to change sides. (Issue #434)
Vaccine: Players should no longer be able to climb on the 2nd objective JIP and get stuck in the ceiling. (Issue #935)
Vaccine: Players should now have no trouble activating the second objective JIP with the use key. (Issue #934)
Vaccine: The railings on the second objective staircase have been prettified. (Issue #874)
Vaccine: Players should no longer be able to camp inside the objective one tube. (Issue #938)
Vaccine: Players should no longer be able to get stuck inside the top of the objective one tube. (Issues #936 and 808)
Vaccine: The objective one lift should now let players know when it is able to be activated again. (Issue #331)
Vaccine: The size of the airlock has been increased.
Vaccine: The core forcefield should no longer have concrete bullet decals. (Issue #1057)
Vaccine: Grenades should no longer float in midair under the core. (Issue #826)
Vaccine: The objective two objective marker should no longer move on its own. (Issue #396)
Vaccine: One of the vents on the third floor should no longer be cut off by the wall. (Issue #823)
Vaccine: A minor Z-fighting issue near the force field in the dock area was resolved. (Issue #824)
Fortress: Roof above Corp 1st and 2nd Spawn is now accessible with legboosters
Fortress: The glass around the room between the data storage, reactor, and the last Corp spawn is now breakable
Fortress: Vent route added between the top of the circle stairs and the elevator room before the reactor room
Fortress: Fixed a misaligned texture in the sewer near punk spawn (Issue #1344)
Fortress: New props added in the sewer entrance to objective 3
Fortress: Removed Hl2 logo from a poster in the sewer (Issue #1238)
Fortress: Fixed a partly floating shovel in the sewer going towards objective 3 (Issue #1346)
Fortress: Fixed soundscapes around the 1st objective (Issue #1341)
Fortress: Fixed a hampering of player movement on the far left side of the top of the sewer below the bridge (Issue #1239)
Fortress: Fixed z-fighting between the JIP and the wall in 1st objective Corp spawn (Issue #1240)
Fortress: Fixed geometry where players could get stuck near the walls outside of the Punk spawn (Issue #1172)
Fortress: Fixed surface prop on the sewer lid in Punk 1st spawn (Issue #1101)
Fortress: Fixed crash to desktop caused by the sewer water (fixed by a small patch previously released, but now packaged with the map)
Fortress: Fixed players being able to get stuck in the 3rd objective room when it was meat locked. (Issue #537)
Fortress: Fixed Punks being able to decrypt 3rd objective after it is already capped (Issue #920)
Assemble: Alternate route added for punks on 1st objective
Assemble: Cyberspace screen on 3rd objective fixed (Issue #1269)
Assemble: Light reflection fixed on the left door of obj3 (Issue #889)
Assemble: Fixed possible Corp spawncamping of Punks on 1st objetive (Issue #900)
Assemble: Fixed a lighting issue on the doors of the Corp 2nd objective spawn (Issue #913)
Assemble: Fixed z-fighting on the 2nd objective JIP (Issue #1069)
Assemble: Objective door on third objective fixed so it cannot be bugged and stuck half open (Issue #641)
Assemble: All data stores now show "Panel Offline" screen when they are destroyed (Issue #834)
Assemble: Fixed being able to get stuck on the laser in 2nd objective cyberspace (Issue #800)
Assemble: Fixed seeing voids in the laser assembly line (Issue #734)
Assemble: Fixed spawn pads blocking movement (Issue #890)
Assemble: Changed the glass under the railing above the 3rd objective from non-solid to solid (Issue #835)
Assemble: Fixed HL2 texture in the loading screen (Issue #1130)
Assemble: Fixed an exploit with the 3rd objective door only partly opening, which prevented a third objective cap (Issue #1362)
Assemble: Fixed a no-draw in 1st objective cyberspace (Issue #1368)

What, you though that was it? Aha! I had to include something for the "artophiles" out there. We continue our Vaccine makeover with new models for the Core Librarian Intelligence and Tactics units that help the core distribute information among servers worldwide. These are hot off the press! Finished the day of this post!

New Core Intelligence Distribution Models New Core Intelligence Distribution Models

that is a massive change log.

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Let's see "more American servers so Dystopia fans in Ohio can play again" in that changelog. :(

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heard good things about this mod.. downloading now
and damn that's a long list :o

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Dystopia is just a great multiplayer game. polished to a mirror sheen. :D

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Good news Dystopia Team.
Finally no Button Bug anymore.. (i mean, when its released ofc).
Also, why do the new maps don't show up in the changelog? :P

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All that has been revealed right now is Injection; the devs are waiting for other monthly updates to provide further information (I'm a playtester).

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What about motion blur? I really wanted that in this update, but can't find it in the changelog

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urinal-cake Author

sutsko, we haven't included information about shaders, because they're not completed yet.
As I mentioned, some thigns have not been mentioned.

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Thx for reply... Good to know ;)

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Funky. I'll have another look when the patch comes out, I've not actually played version 1 yet.

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Too long changelog!

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Really looking forwards to this release... please come soon! :D

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waiting for 1.2 :D

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i can has dystopia update naio?

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But please change the icon! It's orrible! :D

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