V 3.0: Volumetric light & fog, lens flares & dirt, visor reflections / water droplets, god rays, depth of field, night & thermal vision scopes, dynamic wet surfaces with reflections, rainbows and many other effects.

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For those interested in the performance behavior of this mod in comparison to other shader packs I did a quick FPS test.

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A short FPS test series of different shader packs shows their performance behavior on my test system (Intel i7 Quadcode 3GHz, 12GB RAM, with GeForce GTX260, 768MB RAM, no overclocking; Game resolution 1920x1200 Pixel, all graphical settings set to the max, but with global illumination disabled):

Average FPS on the test system in a graphically demanding game scene:

- Vanilla shaders: 42 fps
- Sky4ce 2.0 RC4 with max settings: 31 fps
- Dynamic Shaders 1.02 / Kingo64's STALKER MAX 1.05 with extreme preset: 29 fps
- Dynamic Shaders 1.1 with all features switched on and extreme preset: 26 fps

So either make sure your machine (especially your GPU) can handle heavy DX9 shader processing, or use less demanding settings, or switch off one or the other feature in the shader config.

But best of all: Dynamic Shaders can be tweaked to your favor AND your graphic card's possibilities :-)

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