Dynamic Campaign Generator (DCG) is a mod for the games "Men of War" and "Men of War: Assault Squad" that randomly generates skirmish missions and lets you keep your surviving forces from one battle to another. Some people find this mod tricky to install the first time - please read the readme.txt carefully and ask for help (if you need it) on our forums here on this site, or at the game developer's site.

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Jul 17 2011 Anchor

hi, when i play the mod i get quite annoyed how the enemy always has more units than the amount i can afford, will this be fixed or improved in a next version, will the korean war be expanded??

Jul 19 2011 Anchor

There are already settings available which lower the difficulty level - for example, if you un-ckeck "Hard Missions" in the settings screen, the computer gets less forces.

We are continuing to improve the difficulty. What we intend is for DCG to be difficult when you are doing well, but forgiving when you are doing poorly. The next version will sometimes give you free bonus units when you lose, and will also give you more precise control over reinforcements, which should make it easier to play early on.

The Korean War is not likely to be expanded unless we get a new modder who wants to make Korean soldiers for us to add to DCG. I may add another Cold War scenario set during the Berlin blockade, though...

Jul 20 2011 Anchor

thanks, love the mod, woulld of stopped playing men of war years ago without it

Oct 4 2011 Anchor

Yo Mann!
DCG 3 does not work on XNA if its x64 or perhaps i'm missing something folks :(

I have downloaded all the latest versions of j##, XNA etc but nope just does not work at the last stage when you click

Map editor and Campaign editor they keep giving errors - do not work on x64 ARRRRGH!

I get the DCG screen when I start the game but obviously its blank with no map.

a 64 bit version can easily be created by changing "All Processors" to x64 before compiling.

there is a lot of documentation out there about this.

Keep it up guys, appreciate the effort - Great game

(Just in case i've missed a major please let me know.
Sometimes its hard to see an elephant when you're standing next to it.)


Oct 9 2011 Anchor

@Dr Yes:
I'm running 64bit Windows 7 and it definitely works! I have set the compile options properly for use in both 32 and 64 bit. The XNA download is combined 32 and 64 bit, and as it says in the readme, you still have to get XNA 3 even if you have a later version of XNA installed.

You could try checking the install tutorial to see if you missed any steps: Moddb.com

The only other thing I can think of is from your explanation it kind of sounds like you never pressed the "Extract All Maps" button - if you don't do that, nothing will work!

If none of this helps, post your error message or the contents of your log.txt file in the mod folder.

Oct 16 2011 Anchor

Hi DCG team,

I signed up just to say that DCG 3.0 is awesome and I appreciate all the hard work you guys put into this mod.

Keep up the good work!

Oct 19 2011 Anchor

DCG using 3.0 but when I try to start a mission tells me that it fails to extract all the maps, can someone help me with some advice? Thank you.

Oct 20 2011 Anchor

romelien: can you post a screenshot of the error? Most likely, it is because you do not have J# properly installed -- see the readme.txt or the tutorial here: Moddb.com

Oct 24 2011 Anchor


File not found: D:\Games\installed games\Men of War\mods\Campaign/map/single/bonus/bonusmision_4/map.
Maps must be extracted in Settings first

this is my error still occurs.Thanks for the reply.

Oct 24 2011 Anchor

romelien: did you extract all maps on the settings screen? Can you post the contents of your settings.xml file (found in the campaign\xml folder)?

Oct 25 2011 Anchor

I tried a screen print but fail in the settings.xml file I have the following:

Humans Maps Nations Squads Squads_Heer43 Squads_Pzg43 Vehicles Vehicles_Red Tide Humans_Heer43 Maps_Face of war

Squads_GermansLW Nations_BerlinBlockade Squads_Heer44 Squads_Pzg434 Vehicles_Germany Vehicles_US Humans_korea

Maps_RedTide Nations_KoreanWar Squads_GermanSS Squads_Japan Squads_US Vehicles_Japan Vehicles_USSR Humans_Pzg43

Maps_ZekeWolff_Ngvede Settings Squads_Heer39-43 Squads_Korea Squads_URSS Vehicles_Korea Vehicles_ZekeWolff_Ngvede

These files are found, all files are XML document.

Oct 25 2011 Anchor

romelien: actually, I meant open up settings.xml in a text editor and copy the contents so we can see them

Oct 27 2011 Anchor

<!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> - <settings> <gameprocessname>MOW<!--gameprocessname> <gameregistrykey>Men of War (Remove Only)<!--gameregistrykey> <gamefolder>D:\Games\instalate\Men of War<!--gamefolder> <modfolder>D:\Games\instalate\Men of War\mods\Campaign<!--modfolder> <missionfolder>resource\map\single\DCG\DCGmission<!--missionfolder> <savefolder>C:\Documents and Settings\Romeo\My Documents\My Games\men of war\profiles\west\save<!--savefolder> <weatherlocation>single/DCG/DCGmission/DCGenvironment<!--weatherlocation> <weatherfile>\resource\set\environment\single\DCG\DCGmission\DCGenvironment.set<!--weatherfile> - <mappakfiles> <mappakfile>resource\game.pak<!--mappakfile> <mappakfile>1.pat<!--mappakfile> <mappakfile>2.pat<!--mappakfile> <mappakfile>3.pat<!--mappakfile> <mappakfile>4.pat<!--mappakfile> <mappakfile>5.pat<!--mappakfile> <!--mappakfiles> - <iconpakfiles> <iconpakfile>resource\game.pak<!--iconpakfile> <iconpakfile>1.pat<!--iconpakfile> <iconpakfile>2.pat<!--iconpakfile> <iconpakfile>3.pat<!--iconpakfile> <iconpakfile>4.pat<!--iconpakfile> <iconpakfile>5.pat<!--iconpakfile> <!--iconpakfiles> <ammofuel>True<!--ammofuel> <playerorders>False<!--playerorders> <playerhold>True<!--playerhold> <easy>False<!--easy> <useunitsrandomcomputerbonus>True<!--useunitsrandomcomputerbonus> <nonightbattles>False<!--nonightbattles> <disablealternatemissiontypes>False<!--disablealternatemissiontypes> <unitsbasemin>5<!--unitsbasemin> <unitsbasemax>12<!--unitsbasemax> <unitsmaxcomputertrendbonus>10<!--unitsmaxcomputertrendbonus> <playerallyunits>3<!--playerallyunits> <airattackrunsmax>20<!--airattackrunsmax> <artillerybatteriesmax>15<!--artillerybatteriesmax> <computerartillerydelaymultiplier>3<!--computerartillerydelaymultiplier> <artilleryspottingroundtype>smoke_barrel<!--artilleryspottingroundtype> <artilleryexplosiontype>artillery_explosion<!--artilleryexplosiontype>
<pointceiling>1000<!--pointceiling> <!--settings>
thank you

Nov 2 2011 Anchor

Romelien: This setting for savefolder is not correct:
C:\Documents and Settings\Romeo\My Documents\My Games\men of war\profiles\west\save

It needs a save filename at the end -- for example:
C:\Documents and Settings\Romeo\My Documents\My Games\men of war\profiles\west\save\result

Did you go to the settings screen and press "Extract all maps"? What happened?

Nov 6 2011 Anchor

I give my maps extract gives me an error, however I have to install the game again. Thanks for the advice you gave me.

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