A mod for Distant worlds universe that adds in the Battlestar galactica universe.

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News Update on the Battle-star galactica Alpha 2.0.

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So what you have all been waiting for.... 2.0.

Alpha 2.0 Doesn't really have everything I wanted in but it does have a good amount of content. Also I realize that I didn't post a update for 1.0 so this update will contain both information from 1.0 and 2.0. lets get started shall we.

New Content in 1.0/2.0:

  • Reworked weapons tree. I have totally reworked the railguns in the weapons tree to auto cannons.

2015 11 12 154758

  • Extra techs. these techs are basically just for aesthetics, Combat Information center, Flak cannons and such.
  • AI tactics reforged. This was a hard one and I'm not sure if I even did it right but, with hope, the AI should standoff now with most ships equal to or greater in firepower.
  • Fighters/Bombers. Ships should now standoff with each other and use there fighter/bombers first instead of charging in.
  • New weapons. Along with the reworked weapons tree I have added in multiple components to completely replace the railguns. Right now these are just auto cannons but I would like to hear what you think about them.
  • Many Bug fixes. yup I fixed more then a few typos and bugs.
  • More characters. Still a little messed up here with some of the cylon/human characters, mainly spawning and such, also the fact that the human lore base character are extremely limited in some areas.
  • Dozens of new names for ships.

2015 11 09 145923

Upcoming Content:

  • More characters!!!! yes... lets try this again...
  • More designs.
  • More names.
  • More Research/tech rework.

So I know that the content coming out has been vary slow compared to what I wanted but it is coming none the less so expect more content coming soon and at regular intervals.

2015 11 12 154816

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