The game that was meant to be. As the 2001 trailer showed us. Released. Check download sections, ladies!

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Only just found out about this four years after release!
Simply the best Duke3d mod ever made. And you can take that to the bank. Nostalgia funfare with detail icing on top. The views? wow! the working bike vehicle is fantastic, though I'll admit takes some getting used to. Once you do get used to it you'll be whizzing around like a speedway star on steroids! Great reworkings of the classic dnf 2001 themes and locations and clever filling in with the 2011 counterpart locations where needed. The M16 I could take or leave when compared to the ripper but it was in the trailers so had to go in.i just didn't like the change of the chaingun.voc sound as I found it jarring when enemies that made this sound sounded different. That's just a personal bugbear of mine though. The donkey section again. Had to be there but felt a little cumbersome and clumsy to control. Still it's the best it can be done I suppose. I just think the donkey head HUD sprites need painting over properly so as not to look like a rough screen shot model rip. The mine carts were actually rather underwhelming and felt somewhat like a parody of rabid transit's trains in slow motion rather than tracked carts. Why are they in marmalade(lava) anyway? Why not a tracked area for this map? I have only just played through dnf2011 for the first time this weekend so now understand the design references of some of the map locations a lot more. This has led me to appreciate the ghost town, and dam with more understanding. And made me love the lady-killer map even more than before. (If possible) the dlc (I know, third party but I'll mention it here anyhow) is just as detailed and very fun. The second map is hard as balls and frustratingly infuriating to complete! But once you do it the satisfaction is great! I've now played it a few times and appreciate it more now.though a little more room on the rooftops would allow you to make those jumps even if you stopped and restarted the bike... The new sg sprite is appalling though... First thing I took out.
Both the main pack and dlc have excellent use of decent quality soundtracks that aren't midi! I changed a few tracks myself (for a few tracks from dnzh and dnmp) in both the main pack and dlc respectively. But that was just down to personal preference. As I say I'm not as familiar with dnf2011 so it's soundtrack meant little to me as far as nostalgia or whatever is concerned. Sound effects are the weakest feature of the mod. Some being downright inaudable but I'm sure that will be addressed in a update?
I've played the **** out of This for the last four days and I'm desperate for more! Thanks guys! Keep up the good work hope to see these new features (boat, robit, vehicles and stuff) soon...

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This was amazing! The first level starts off a bit slow, and besides the new art and a few references played like an ordinary Duke 3D level (although the view from the top of the lady killer is stunning) and there's good atmosphere. After you get the bike, there's a bit of a turning point and gameplay starts becoming more ambitious and interesting, plus all the references, both in-your-face and the smaller ones, and the obvious/exact replicas as well as ideas/locations etc which are only loosely…

Apr 30 2013 by micky_c