The game that was meant to be. As the 2001 trailer showed us. Released. Check download sections, ladies!

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Ok, This mod is overrated.

The level design consist of several linear corridors/small linear open areas with little freedom to explore so it basically took the opposite direction Duke 3D did (taking Hollywood Hollocaust as an example, you had a bazillion of paths even though they share the same end) and went through the same way DNF did (linear corridor shooters like the Lady Killer interior and small linear paths like Vegas Streets). They are very detailed, visually speaking, but it doesn't help if gameplay is lacking. Many times you end up locked in cutscenes and you can't move or skip them in any way, which, as I alwyas say, is not so bad the first time but totally kills replayability and annoy the player if he dies and have to watch to the same script over and over.

The sounds used in game have varying quality and the ones taken directly from the trailers are the worst ones. In this case the best to do is either record them yourself or take them off completely, the subtitles would do the job well.

On the bright side, the motorcycle bits were fun to play, but just like DNF there was few things to do besides driving in a straight line. It had more potential for uses in battle, if the player could shoot while riding it would be much better - think something like the DukeBike mod briefly used on DukePlus. You could also take a few notes from the motorcycle maps on Redneck Rampage RA, where you could leave the vehicle to explore and find goodies across the roads.
Some of the new sprites were also well done and it was fun to fight the berseker pigcops and the terminators, but the last boss was... well, let's say it was weird.

In the end, I've seen better user levels that recieved much less attention than this mod. Just like the real DNF it relied purely on nostalgia and recycled trailer content and from a mod that was advertised as what DNF should have been, using the same methods of the game criticised is not the best way to go.

tl;dr: DNF 2011 with bad graphics

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This was amazing! The first level starts off a bit slow, and besides the new art and a few references played like an ordinary Duke 3D level (although the view from the top of the lady killer is stunning) and there's good atmosphere. After you get the bike, there's a bit of a turning point and gameplay starts becoming more ambitious and interesting, plus all the references, both in-your-face and the smaller ones, and the obvious/exact replicas as well as ideas/locations etc which are only loosely…

Apr 30 2013 by micky_c